Sunday, September 11, 2011

10 day challenge - day one

I saw this 10 Day Challenge and I thought I would give it a try. Since I am not going to See Shyloh today, this is my post. Hey. . .I need to have one day when I can stay home and clean the house and catch up on other things that fall behind during the busy week.

Nothing like starting off with a whopper of a challenge! Anyone that knows me in person knows that I am a very closed person. I mostly keep my feelings to myself and I generally do not volunteer information. I can't say that I have secrets, per se, I just do not share. If you were to ask me something, I most likely would tell you. But, that is one of the reasons that I wanted to start this blog, to share myself a little more in something that is important to me. So, in light of the difficulty that I have sharing secrets, here goes. . .

Secret 1 - I am a ninja or I wish I were a ninja.
Think about it. Ninjas have lightning fast reflexes. If a ninja fell off a horse, they could do a flip and land on their feet. Ninjas are mysterious and can do amazing things! They can jump really high, flip, and they wear black all the time.

Secret 2 - I have high anxiety. 
I try to keep it under control, but sometimes it is too much. Sometimes it stops me from doing things that I would really enjoy or going places. 

Secret 3 - I actually like to sing and dance, but I have no talent with either. 
I am so tone deaf and I could not carry a tune if I could stick it in a bucket. My rhythm is non-existent. I was once told that I cannot even bounce my head to the Super Mario Brothers tune, I was off. . .But in my car, I sound fantastic! (To me at least) 

Secret 4 - I wish I actually remember the four years of German I took in high school. I can not even hold a simple conversation auf Deutsch. Although, I can sing my high school fight song in German! Vorwards Trenton!

Secret 5 - I love video games! 
I could play all day and never leave the Wii or computer. Video games are so much fun! I like Sims, Mario Kart Wii, all the Wii Lego games (Harry Potter, Batman, Indiana Jones), guitar hero (so I can feel that I am slightly musical), Wii Sports and Resort, and Raymond's Raving Rabbids.

Secret 6 - My memory is terrible at some things (mostly the things that matter) and excellent at others (often trivial things that have no value). 
That is one of the reasons that I post right after I come back from the barn, I do not want to forget anything! I also have difficulty remembering faces and names. 

Secret 7 - Despite my job kinda being like Law and Order (working with Detroit Sex Crimes detectives and prosecutors), I love that show! 
Especially Law and Order SVU. I have watched every episode in order up to the 11th season (that is all Netflix had). I kinda wish I was more like Detective Benson. She is a very strong woman. And she kicks ass! And Captain Cragen is originally from a neighboring city where I live. Bonus!! He has been seen in Target (unfortunately not by me) near my house!

Secret 8 - I prefer to be by myself and/or I can't stand being in large groups. 
I really think I could live by myself in a cave in the mountains. With my dogs and horse. I do like to be around people, but sometimes, I just like my "me" time. I hate large groups, crowds, and parties. There is too much going on and it is very over stimulating for me, which makes me sleepy. I am very introverted.

Secret 9 - I wish I was not a muggle.
Seriously, I wish Harry Potter and Hogwarts were real! Magic just seems like so much fun, although slightly dangerous. And I am not the only adult that feels this way. . .Secret passages, wands, dragons, flying on brooms, spells, it is an enchanting world!

Secret 10 - I hate talking on the phone! 
I prefer to talk in person or text/email. I pretty much refuse to talk on the phone in my personal life, but I do not have much of a choice for my job. I was never a phone talker, not even in high school. 

Okay,  now that my secrets are out, time to clean!


  1. Love the 10-day challenge topics. It will be fun to learn more about you as the days go on. I'm with you on Secret # 2, 3, 6 and 10. I'm halfway there for #8. I don't mind small groups, but hate large groups. Part of my anxiety about being in groups is my lousy memory for names!

  2. Dreaming - what about secret one? you are not a ninja? lol


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