Tuesday, November 19, 2013

horze hat giveaway

******This contest is over******

Horze has given me yet another chance to giveaway some of their products! This is thanks to all you guys who read and comment because, let's face it, Horze is looking for more traffic to their site. So when you guys click on a link from this blog, they know. The more clicks they get from here, the more opportunities I get to give away their products! More products! Better products! It's a win for everyone!

We have officially had our first snowfall of the season and although it did not accumulate or last long, I did have to bust out the ice scraper for my windshield. While I do like the snow, everything else like wind and ice can stay away. And driving in it. Seriously, I thought we were supposed to have teleport machines by now. It would totally cut down on travel time. 

This time around, Horze is letting me give away not one, but two knitted hats. These cute pom pom hats have a fleece lining for extra warmth. They come in a dark blue and are one size fits all. Winter hats are nice, whether you are out at the barn or doing other fun winter things like sledding or skating. Sorry to all my warm weather readers, you are lucky to not really need super warm hats. 

And a bonus for hats. . .you don't have to worry about your hair, just throw the hat on! And when you take it off, just blame your fro on hat hair.
I promise you will not look creepy like her in this hat
Two lucky readers can win this B Vertigo LUKE hat, all you have to do is: 
  • Go to Horze.com (again, need the clicks to give more away stuff) and look around at their winter gear for you.
  • Comment under this post with what piece of winter Horze gear you would be most likely to buy and why. They have these Thermo Tallboots that I think would keep my feet toasty warm and dry in the cold. If you would like a hat for style reasons, but live in the warmth, you can find what you would think you would need if you ever had to experience sub zero weather. 
  • And of course, extra entries for sharing on Facebook, Twitter, and your own blog to let others know about the contest. Share the link so I can see. 
That's it, easy peasy, lemon squeezy! Giveaway will end Wednesday November 27th at midnight EST. Open to US shipping only. Good luck!
Shyloh in her new Horze halter. It's so cool, it make her forelock stand up.


  1. Ooh! I love contests.
    I love this jacket: http://www.horze.com/winter-jackets/horze-linda-ladies-riding-jacket/33178.html
    Also, I shared on my blog:

  2. Ok horze...I really want this neck scarf http://www.horze.com/scarves/horze-tameka-knitted-tube-scarf/31123.html

    and since I live in Canada...you KNOW I need this haha. Also Horze if you are reading, please start shipping to Canada! If you need a base business here, link me up and I can help you. I want to shop from you!!!

    Shared on FB (tagged you) and Twitter:


  3. Yay for winter hats. It's been a while since I've gone through a real winter and I forgot how much of a difference a warm hat makes in keeping you warm!

    This isn't exactly winter wear but I would love to try this BOT shirt for the extra warmth and to see if it made some difference in my shoulder pain. http://www.horze.com/shirts/back-on-track-therapeutic-long-sleeved-shirt/35528.html

    I will share on my blog and report back. :)

  4. oooooo, pick me pick me!! I've been coveting one of those hats! It's been so cold here already, in MN, and I need a new hat for pony riding. I've been wanting this jacket http://www.horze.com/winter-jackets/horze-juliette-women%27s-parka-jacket/32637.html and this scarf http://www.horze.com/scarves/horze-tameka-knitted-tube-scarf/31123.html

    By the way, I just found your blog on Facebook and LOVE your pony! My pony is half halfinger, does that make her a quarterlinger?

    Shared on Facebook and on my Blog! http://kataidressage.blogspot.com/2013/11/equipment-update.html

  5. Oh awesome, giveaways are the best thing ever!!! I totally want these B Vertigo Felizia Thermo Breeches, perfect for riding out in the cold weather especially if you don't have an indoor arena!

    I also posted it on my blogs FB page, https://www.facebook.com/pages/My-Life-on-Horses/270723443048093?ref=hl

  6. My hair has a bad relationship with my helmet...so I think a new toasty warm hat would be fantastic!

    I just love Horze! I'd love to have a pair of these:http://www.horze.com/thermo-breeches/horze-grand-prix-thermo-breeches/36477.html to wear as it gets colder and colder this year, and as I become more and more wimpy! I'll reply back with a mention it on my blog!

    Great contest! Thanks! :)

  7. I always always always look terrible in sweaters, but I do love them. Right now, I want the long Becka sweater: http://www.horze.com/sweaters/horze-beckalong-cardigan/32623.html

    Fun contest!

  8. I need a new jacket like this one Horze Alexis Women's Long Softshell Jacket. Love that it has zippers on the side.http://www.horze.com/all-season-jackets/horze-alexis-women%27s-long-softshell-jacket/32596.html and it would go good with the hat.

  9. Ooh, I'd definitely like to try the three finger winter riding mittens:

  10. Well, I was just about to post the cotton cozy (http://www.horze.com/hats/horze-cotton-cozy/31036.html) because I just about cried when I had to replace my knit hat with a helmet before my lesson in the cold yesterday, but I gotta say I'm with Carly on this one: http://www.horze.com/winter-gloves/horze-snow-unisex-3-finger-mittens/31431.html My hands are still the one thing I have trouble with in the cold.

  11. hmm. I like the pink knitted reily hat. and I would need a matching scarf ofcourse

  12. Wow..
    Great giveaway / contest.
    I hope I can have similar giveaway like this too.
    Hope everyone enjoy it. Good luck.


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