Thursday, March 13, 2014

fighting ninjas

loose hairs!
Shyloh has finally decided to start shedding. She is a little late to the game. But it has begun. Yay! Bring on the spring!

The sun was shining and it was a pretty nice weekend day. Not too cold. So I took Shy to the round pen so we could stay in the sun and have some fun.
Lift that back leg!
Terry and Reba came with us. It was so nice out, I decided to try my luck at an outside ride. We had not ridden outside in forever. With Terry's help, I hopped up on Shy most ungracefully. Shy is a saint for putting up with me and not moving as I flailed about on top of her.
That mane!
We didn't go far, I think Shy didn't trust her balance with a rider to carry us through the piled up snow. But's that's okay. Then I had to fight off ninjas and Reba from Shy's back. Reba got mad at Shy, went to bite her, got my leg instead. It wasn't a bite, but a mouth punch at Shire speed and strength. Ouch. Shy jumped to the side quickly (not quickly enough since I still got mouth punched), and I didn't fall off. Yay me!
fighting ninjas
giddy up? See how fast Shy is going. . . ?
I stayed on for a while, sticking to the parts of the round pen where snow did not come up to Shy's belly. I think she wanted to walk around outside the round pen, but it was too icy. Shy started to get a little sassy because I think she was bored. When she began to act normal, I hopped off.
pony rides!
I gave Shy a good grooming and redid her tail. I took advantage of Shy being a snuggle bug and loaded her up with treats. One more month of school then I will be able to get to the barn during the week!

Also, according to Animal Control. . .it was the Haflinger and Clydesdale that broke out and were caught making their way to the back field. Naughty.


  1. Replies
    1. I love that Shy thinks she is just as big as the Shire!

  2. Camryn hasn't begun her shed. Must have known yesterdays temp drop was gonna hit and last a bit!

    1. I thought Shy was holding out, too. The other horses are all shedding, but they have been blanketed.

  3. They are both so cute! And yay for all that confidence you are getting!

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks! She has to be cute because her sass can be over the top!

  5. Love that "fighting ninjas" photo! I laughed out loud when I saw it on FB earlier this week. What a good girl! I'm so happy for you and all your progress with her!

  6. AAAHHHH spring is finally on its way! Once they start shedding, there's no turning back!


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