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I don't think I have ever shared Reba's story. Sherwoodshire Rosie aka Reba is a seventeen year old Shire mare. She was living in a pasture with a Shire gelding, Joker, and a Clydesdale mare. Her previous owners couldn't take care of the big horses anymore and were looking to sell Reba and Joker. 
Reba in the snow
One day in July of 2013, me, Jaime, and Kyle went to look at Reba. She was an almost exact match to Clutch and it was thought that they would make a good driving team. But when Jaime saw the deplorable condition that Joker was in, she had to take him, too. 
Top: Joker then and now
Joker was emaciated. And his feet were more than terrible. After dragging Jaime around the pasture and displaying aggressive behaviors, Jaime reached out to some people in the local equine community. They found a previous owner of both Joker and Reba. This previous (not most recent) owner and another agreed to take on Joker together. Turns out that he had huge abscesses and foundered. He went through a lot of rehab, but is in much better shape today.

After getting Reba back home, Jaime discovered just how bad of a condition that both horses were in. They hadn't been vaccinated or seen an equine dentist in years, if ever in the years that her last owners had her. Reba was chunky, but her feet speak for themselves. . . 
Reba's first day home, feather shaved off because of infection underneath.
Reba stayed on at Jaime's barn. Jaime got her vet care, dental care, worming, and farrier care. She was shod in the front since her front feet were so sore from their lack of care. Jaime took her to a vet a few hours away that specializes in leg and hoof care and got her legs x-rayed. She barely had sole. 

Jaime switch her feed, gave her supplements and medicine to help with her hoof pain, and paid attention to her. But she soon realized that four drafts take a lot of time and dedication. With a baby that needed to be trained, she didn't have the time Reba deserved. So she was thinking of selling her to someone that would have the time for her. 

In walked Terry, at just the right time. Terry needed Reba just as much as Reba needed Terry. Terry began grooming her, then riding her a bit. It was love. By October, Terry bought Reba to be her very own horse. Terry has Reba on a regular farrier schedule with my farrier, who is actually Reba's former farrier. Her feet are coming along nicely and her shoes have been pulled for a while now.
Reba's hooves a few weeks ago. Feather is put up with vet wrap.
In her quest to find Reba's papers, Terry came across Ellen who owned Reba and Joker at one point and was the previous owner who took Joker back. Ellen told Terry a lot about Reba and the three colts she had, one of which she lost. One of Reba's colts is the famous Preatorian from the TV show Full Metal Jousting that was on a couple years ago. His actual name is Rudy. 
So happy!
Ellen also told Reba about the lady that she sold her to after she started driving minis. Jane was the last registered owner on Reba's papers. So Terry got in touch with Jane. Terry shared recent photos of her with Reba and Jane was so happy for them. They agreed to meet and get the papers straightened out. Today, we pulled up to Jane's house with Reba in tow.
Shyloh went to keep Reba company in the new trailer
Makes my heart smile
Jane was beyond happy to be able to see Reba again! It was so heartwarming. Jane was one of the nicest ladies and was just in awe with the big, black horse. I think Reba remembered Jane and the place she used to live. Jane was so happy that Reba is in a good home now and that she is doing fun things like showing, driving, riding, and having fun. She is even going to come to some shows to watch Reba and Terry.
Play jousting with lunge whips
I love a happy ending! Reba is staying at our barn with Terry for good and two of her previous owners who took care of her (they are both older ladies who could no longer handle the big drafts due to health or husband's deaths) are invited to come and visit with her any time. Reba is happy doing the amount of work Terry has her in and Terry has a big, huggable draft to take all of her stress away. 
Reba does give good hugs


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