Monday, March 17, 2014

monday musings by shyloh #125

I am not entirely sure if anyone else was wondering about Dexter the way that I was when we all found out that he was way younger than we were told last week. . .My biggest concern was that I hoped he was who he said he was (a gelding), since he gets great joy out of doing this. . .

not attractive. . .
He tries to get me too, but I am so not into the little guys. I like big guys like Isaac and Traveller and Chick

Terry and Jaime both checked for little horse testicles, and felt none. Terry felt the scar from being gelded. Sweet relief!! Now I can resume my normal play with the minions and continue trying to see how far I can toss them across the pasture. 
Goofy guy!
Allie pretty much ignored me all weekend long to do other things, but I didn't mind. I got to hang out with my round bale. 
hay coma. . .
And between the super muddy conditions one day to the frozen ground the next, doing too much was near impossible, even though that did not stop Meatball, Clutch, and Reba from doing fun stuff.

While Allie had a super busy weekend, mine was fulfilling (in the hay in my belly way) and quite relaxed. Hope everyone else out there had a nice weekend!



  1. Oh my Dexter!

    "mine was fulfilling (in the hay in my belly way)" Shy - love your sense of humor! :D

  2. What a naughty little Dexter he is.... fruity as we say here! Well done for warding him off Shy, you is far too much of a lady for that sort of thing!


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