Monday, March 10, 2014

monday musings by shyloh #124

Spring is coming. Know how I know? ALL the medical care begins.

Allie came out nice and early Saturday morning. I got to help clean stalls again. But then we had visitors. . .

The visitors were Doug and Jen LaRose of LaRose Equine Dentistry. They were super nice and had come to float our teeth. And, we were the first horses that he got to test his brand new tools on!

Reba was up first. She hadn't had her teeth done in years from her previous owners, so her teeth were pretty bad. Terry was a little unsure of how Reba would do, especially since Terry is used to power floats and sedation. Doug floats by hand. 

But Reba did great! I think she liked it because at a couple points there, she had her eyes closed and was leaning into it. Her mouth probably feels sooo much better now.

I was up next! I started out by being a little brat, but Doug made me move around real quick, so I straightened up right away. 

I had some hooks in the back of my mouth, which where taken care of right away. Allie got to look inside and see all of my big back teeth. She thought that was pretty cool. My canines are a non issue. They barely break my gums.

They brought the minions in for their float next. They hadn't been floated in a long time either from before they came to live with us. Dexter went first, cause he mouth was all messed up. Jaime thought maybe he got kicked in the mouth by one of us because his teeth looked chipped and short and just messed up.

Well. . .nope. Turns out Dexter is just a baby! Doug said he is coming two, which is about two years younger than Jaime was told. What the? He is totally broke and bombproof. He was driving in parades! Which led Jaime to the question, who broke him so young in his life? Poor Dexter. Everyone feels bad, cause they didn't know he was so young. So Dexter did not get a float, cause his caps are falling out still and he still has more teeth to get.

So, now it was Meatball's turn. He is a spunky minion and no one was sure how he would react. After some initial fuss where he ran around the back of the barn refusing to be caught, he did just fine. Meatball's age that they were told was dead on - thirteen. Whew, they sure didn't want another shock like Dexter!

Back to the big guys, Kyle brought Clutch in for his turn. Nothing remarkable here, Clutch was good for his float. 

And finally Notch. Isaac is away at the trainer, so he was not home for his float. I miss that big blue horse! Notch was not a fan of the dentist. A couple times, I thought he was going to lift Doug right off the ground! Eventually, he let up and let Doug finish floating. Doug didn't get mad or anything, he was so patient.

Doug used Notch to show Allieus how to feel the teeth without putting their hands in tour mouths. If there are sharp edges, we will react from a tap on the side. 

After the dentist, we all got to hang out at the round bale for the day where we got snowed on! That was the best part!



  1. Shy, I'm glad you were so good for the dentist! You also look lovely with the snow in your forelock. <3 Paddington

  2. Sounds like you have a great patient dentist Shy.
    Now you are all set for the new Spring grass to arrive :))

  3. That's great that "most" of you were so good for the dentist. I'll be having my Dr. appointments start next months SIGH
    Oh, we've tried commenting several times but, blogger has been naughty!

  4. Good going Shy, well done for being so brave! Poor little Dexter, thank goodness he is now in good hands and hooves where he won't be worked too hard :-)


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