Saturday, March 15, 2014

cleveland rocks

Isaac has been away at the trainer's for the past month. We have been missing that goofy blue roan! So yesterday, me and Jaime went to go visit him. The trainer is his former owners and they are all the way out by Cleveland, where I have never been. They have Percherons and a couple cute minis. The were super nice and take good care of all their horses. 
He is already getting so light!
You could really tell that Isaac missed Jaime! It was very cute to watch. His eyes would follow her around and he was such a sweetie. 
Checking out the teeth
It was also equine dentist day at their barn. Since Isaac missed our day, he got a float from their dentist. He was such a good boy about it, but I think the drugs helped. Lucky him, he had no wolf teeth to be pulled, but some of the other horses did.
Mini wolf teeth, mini baby caps, Percheron wolf teeth
After every horse had their turn with the dentist, we ate some lunch to let the drugs wear off a bit.
Kate, she has an underbite
Then Rich, the trainer, hooked Isaac to the cart for Jaime. It was super windy and the field was really muddy, but Issac was amazing! He powered through the mud and didn't let the wind bother him too much. It was cool to see Isaac come so far! I even got a spin in the cart. 

It was a super long day driving back and forth down the hell that is the Ohio Turnpike, but well worth it. Jaime was happy to see her baby and I got to meet some more really nice horse people. Score all around!


  1. You were pretty close to us. We're just 45 minutes or so south of Cleveland. Issac is one handsome boy. Glad you missed the weather on the turnpike earlier in the week. Woulda been ugly for you.

    1. Wish I would have known we were so close, we could have set up a visit :)

  2. Lovely to see Isaac again and hear that he's doing so well :-) He's gonna make a super work horse! Those minis, well what can we say, too cute!

  3. I'm a Clevelander--and you found out our secret--we are a very horsey community! I"m glad Isaac is doing well and you enjoyed your visit.

  4. Awesome on Isaac's progress!! The minis are adorable beyond words!


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