Wednesday, March 5, 2014

hump day haflinger series #9

Some Haflingers are so amazing that they gain Internet fame around the world. January Tewson is the owner of one such Halfinger, as well as a younger Haflinger that is in training for fame. She started a blog about her Haflinger in 2010, then a reader suggested that she start a Facebook page. Before she knew it, the page had taken off and she had fans worldwide logging on to see the daily antics of her pony. Today, I present to you:
Love the unique blaze!
Haflinger: Millslade Arnica or Arnie or The Fat Pony or FP
Sire and Dam: GB38 Glyn Eryr Aragon and 413/GB Millslade Hester, A-line, direct descendant from Afghan and Afghan II
Age: 15 year old gelding
Height: 15hh
Personality: FP is very cheeky but fiercely loyal and despite sometimes being naughty, definitely loves his mother! He enjoys work (but not too much) and is always happy and cheerful!
Favorite Food: Mints or carrots
Likes: Being scratched on his withers
He also likes being muddy!
Quirks: He can hear a mint wrapper from several fields away and is reasonably good at opening bags of feed! 
Discipline: Concentrating on Dressage for 2014
  • Won at County level ridden showing in the UK
  • Won at Novice Ridden at the UK Haflinger Breed Show
  • Also has at wins In-Hand, Dressage, Cross Country, and Show Jumping

January and Fat Pony have also been contenders for the Equestrian Social Media Awards for four years! The took first place in 2012 for Best Talking Animal, third place in 2013 for Best Talking Animal, and a finalist for Best Talking Animal in 2011. They are also up for the award again this year!
That's a nice looking pony!

When January first saw Haflingers, they were pulling a carriage in Austria. At that time, she never thought that she would own a horse, let alone a Halfinger or two! Four years later, she saw that FP was advertised for sale and she fell in love at first sight. 
Scottish Fat Pony (SFP) and Fat Pony
Fat Pony has been lame on and off for some time, but has finally been diagnosed correctly with Cushings. He has been sound now for over six months with an excellent future diagnosis. January is schooling FP for some ridden shows and dressage. He is eligible for Pre-Veteran classes this year, and she is busy working on some dressage to music with a twist for the UK Haflinger Nationals in July. I am very excited to see that!

And for the record. . .Fat Pony really is just as cheeky as she describes in her posts about him! He really has a fab personality and is never boring. If you don't already like their Facebook page, check it out! FP has various adventures, mostly to the tune of (written from FP's point of view):
"I was asleep in the field when the human came to drag me in for a ride and spent the first half a mile grousing about this until the human rode me right through the middle of the local shoot. Well that was a rude awakening. Never moved my little legs so fast, especially as the human kept musing aloud whether they might like Haflinger Hotpot instead of pheasant stew. I am now quite exhausted and have gone back to sleep in my field. Grump."

If you are interested in The Fat Pony Books, they are available here. I have them and they are quite hilarious, but I must keep them hidden so Shy can never see them and get any grand ideas. 



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