Saturday, March 1, 2014

going places

You know what is one great thing about Shyloh? She loves to go places and she is so good when I take her. I still remember the first time I took her anywhere. Jaime convinced us to go to the Harry Hughes Draft Clinic. It was the first time I trailered Shy and the first time we went anywhere since I got her (almost a year). I had no idea how she would react. Well, Shy hopped off that trailer, saw grass, and was completely comfortable. And that is how she has been ever since. New places don't bother her at all.
Going places!
So, I was not surprised when me and Jaime trailered (okay, Kyle drive us) Shy and Clutch out to her old boarding barn for a lesson. Yes, we took a lesson! And it was in an indoor arena! I was 50% excited and 50% nervous. Shy has been acting very sassy Friday and early Saturday. And a bit spooky, when I was dragging the poop sled she was running around the back of the barn. Usually, she just lifts her head to look at it. So, I took precautions and shaved my legs before the lesson in case I ended up the hospital.
When we got there, Shy was quite intrigued by the alpacas, emus, goats, and chickens that she could see from the arena. She was also interested in the minion and donkey that were stalled in the arena. I hand walked her around a few times so she could look at everything and so she would loosen up and I could tighten the girth. 

Then the lesson began. Shy started off by being a little jerky and not standing at the mounting block. Danyale (the trainer) did not let Shy get away with that and it was quickly stopped. She stood, I got on, and we had a great lesson! Shy got sticky a few times, but that was the worst of it. She was really a rockstar!
After ride
The best part was that Danyale is giving me tools that I can use when riding and working with Shy. I think having tools will help to build my confidence since Shy is different than the Haflinger I leased. Another thing that Danyale pointed out was that I had to stop living in the past with her. Stop focusing on all the things that she used to do and focus on what she is doing. 
That pooflock!
I probably spent over an hour on Shy. I didn't want to stop riding. We were having so much fun! And we were both so relaxed (well, I was much more relaxed by the end). Although, she did make this weird growling/grunting sound a couple time. . .not sure what that was about. 


  1. "So, I took precautions and shaved my legs before the lesson in case I ended up the hospital."
    Hahahaha!!! I cracked up at this!

  2. Shaving your legs! Great thought on those lines...should remember that one. :)

    Glad she was a good girl.

  3. ^ Me too, and my husband! That's so awesome, I am with you on that. Winterrr!

    I'm glad you had a positive experience with it - especially the part about not living in the past. That's really good advice. She's going to grow up and mellow, and things won't always be like they were.

  4. I'm glad it was a good lesson, sounds like a great experience!
    I have a hard time of not focusing on the past with my mare too. I am always reminding myself to focus on the present, not everything she used to do.

  5. Sounds like you guys had a great lesson. It is so nice to have a horse that likes to go places and acts good while they are there!

  6. Still laughing about the shaving your legs comment. Now that's thinking ahead!

    But seriously glad you got a lesson and it was so positive. Can't wait to hear about all the things you and Shy get up together this summer!

  7. You cracked me up, too, with the leg comment! However, it is all very important! Once I fell off and had to stop by the ER. I wanted my hubby to take me home first so I could get clean underwear!!
    I am so glad that the lesson went well. What a great comment about living in the here and now - how true!

  8. Fantastic! Keep going :-) That shaved leg quote was just brilliant! I broke my leg many moons ago and you guessed it hairy legs and terrible toenails!

  9. LOVE this. Continue to be so excited for you!


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