Wednesday, March 12, 2014

hump day haflinger series #10

Have you ever seen a horse and you thought, wow. . .that horse is amazing!? This horse is a horse I would breed Shyloh to if a) I was ever planning on breeding her (but I am not) and b) if she was ever good enough to be bred to him (which she isn't).

I have met this Haflinger and spoken with his owner, Mary Procopio, who is incredibly nice. She is also the owner/operator of New Horizons Haflinger Sport Horses/New Horizons Farm LLC (formerly Lilac Farms LLC) in Laingsburg, Michigan, and has been breeding top quality modern sport horse type Haflingers since 2000. New Horizons is home to several silver and gold classified mares who have proven themselves as winners on-the-line and under saddle at breed shows and in open competition. 

Some of the awards won by New Horizons are:
  • 2012 Reserve Leading Breeders of Haflinger Dressage Horses
  • 2011 Leading Breeders of Haflinger Dressage Sport Horse Breeding Horses
  • Home of the Elite mare R Noble Rose APF, the Gold classified National Champion mare, Poetry in Motion VHH, the silver classified AWS National Gold Medal Inspection Winner, Ricola DTA, 
  • Breeders of the Gold classified mare, Rosina of New Horizons.
Their stallion is the amazing Stellar, who has had many firsts in the Haflinger world and is a very unique and special horse, not to mention drop dead gorgeous.
drool. . .
Haflinger: Stellar TVR
Sire and Dam: Straden is the top St-line stallion in Austria. His dam, Chione is out of the gold mare Clari and by Altess, full brother to three-time World and European Champion stallion, Abenstern. 
Age: 6 year old stallion
Personality: Stellar has an amazing temperament, with the disposition of a golden retriever, and is extremely sweet and easy to work with.
Discipline: Stellar displays great talent for Dressage and Jumping
  • 2013 Reserve Champion of the North American Pony Stallion Test
  • 2012 Bronze Medal winner (over Warmbloods!) at the AWS inspection in Michigan
  • 2011 USDF Dressage Sport Horse Breeding National Champion Haflinger (with the highest open and IBC scores out of all Haflingers in the Country)
  • 2010 ranked fourth in the nation in the AWS National Year-End Inspection Awards Program

Stellar is the first Haflinger stallion in history to attend the 30 day North American Stallion Testing (performance test for Warmbloods and German Riding Ponies) where he excelled in all three phases of jumping—free jumping, stadium jumping, and cross country jumping. He received excellent scores, including 8s to a perfect 10 for interior scores (temperament, willingness to work, character) and athleticism, and 8s from the Training Director for rideability, canter, free jumping, stadium jumping, and cross country jumping.

Stellar is also the first Haflinger in North American history to be approved for breeding and lifetime licensed by the American Warmblood Society, and with two German Sport Horse Performance Registries, Weser Ems and RPSI into their top Stud Books.

Stellar passes on his wonderful temperament, balanced conformation, outstanding hindquarter and powerful movement to his foals. He is available to a limited number of approved mares of all breeds. If interested, check out New Horizon's website or visit them on Facebook. They also have in-utero and young prospects for sale. 
Stellar's plans for 2014 are to compete under saddle in Dressage and Eventing. He has been trained by Jennie Deephouse and ridden by Chelsea Deephouse of Dreamfield Manor Farm, Pennsylvania. I will be happy to cheer him on this season and hope that he will be showing near me as he is a joy to watch! I am also looking forward to see the new foals that he has. Who does love a cute baby?


  1. OOOOH, sooo gorgeous! Do you suppose they'd send him to Texas for a little while? 10 years or so would do...

  2. Thanks for featuring him in your series, Allison! Jenj, no Texas plans for him, but Florida might possibly be in his future...;-)

    1. Florida! After this winder that we have been having, I don't blame him!!
      Thank you for sharing him, Mary! He is an amazing horse!

    2. Thanks so much Allison, and to everyone for their kind comments! Plans are for Stellar to compete on the East coast this summer and fall, and possibly to head to Florida after that for a couple of months to show and continue training until breeding season. It will depend on a coypke of factors. I'll keep you posted. :-)

  3. Stellar and Abercrombie used to be buddies back when they were yearlings! They used to hang out and rough-house in the field together with the other colts :) He's a stunningly gorgeous boy, that's for sure!

  4. OMG. I am seriously in love. Bookmarking this post to buy a baby by Stellar some day -- I want a Haffie!!

  5. I am so glad you're doing this series. I don't know if it's this way up north, but down here, my only exposure to Haflingers is as the current breed-of-choice of backyard breeders, along with Kentucky Mountain Horses. I have zero exposure to them as a competitive sport horse, and so I am very much enjoying this series!


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