Saturday, November 26, 2011

hunger strike

Busy Horse net- 1
Shyloh - 0
Refuses to "work" for dinner on day two

Shyloh is fighting me with this slow feeder hay net thing. I think she is trying to tell me that she hates it and would rather starve than work for food. I had put the good hay in the net for Shyloh and left the first cutting hay on the ground. Shyloh refused to eat the first cutting hay and did not want to put the effort into getting the good hay out of the net, so she went on a hunger strike. I tested this theory out by handing her the first cutting hay. She spit it out. Then I handed her the good hay and she gobbled it up!

It will be interesting to see if there is hay left in her stall tomorrow or if she succumbed to the hunger. The first day with the net, she ate some hay from it, but she was pretty upset. She was flinging that net all around!
Testing out the Busy Horse on day one
Getting upset that eating is hard work!
I spent the last two days working at the barn, so I have't done anything with Shy. After I fed at the barn this morning, I discovered Shy doing this:
Stealing Ryleigh's hay!

She devoured her flake and was pulling Ryleigh's out of his stall! Hay thief! I guess if food is easy to get, she is all over that!

Yesterday when I took a break from mucking stalls, I did get these photos of Shy and Ryleigh in their very muddy pasture . 
Grazing in the sunlight
New tail bag in attempt to keep mud off of her pretty tail!
nom nom nom
Stuck like glue!

Robin said that Ryleigh and Shyloh have a song; it is Sugarland's "Stuck Like Glue". They are so cute together!!

*Note* Shyloh photos without braids are from yesterday
           Shyloh photos with braids are from today


  1. A Haffie on a hunger strike? Absurd! Unheard of! Send it off to Ripley's!
    Did you pull out some tufts of hay to show her how to get to it?
    However, judging from the fact that she wouldn't eat the first cutting hay... she does seem to be copping and attitude! Silly girl!

  2. She'll get over it and go back to eating, it's in her BLOOD!! LOL! They def prefer some hay to others but it's good to have it stuffed for her when she does decide to nibble at it.

  3. Camryn here:
    Hope you get that net figured out before you starve yourself. Better to adapt for sure I say. Iffen you decide you still don't like it, just send the hay my way, I'll eat it for sure.
    Like the "Stuck Like Glue" song for you and your bud!!

  4. Dreaming, It is unheard of! Luckily, it did not last long. I did pull out the tufts, she ate those, but did not want to work for more. She does have quite the attitude!

    Kristen, I was shocked she wouldn't eat!

    Camryn, Shy would never starve herself, ha!

  5. OK, I laughed when I saw Shy stealing Ryleigh's hay. :-)


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