Friday, November 11, 2011

peppermint success!

Yes! I cut the time it took to catch Shyloh today in half with a peppermint!  It was beautiful! Once she realized that I had something and that something was edible, she had no problem standing for me to approach her. A butterscotch would halt her, but not stay her. It was the peppermint that was the key. Then we went inside and did our grooming/lunging routine. It went very well! Yesterday, I lunged her over a pole and today we continued with our transitions.

While we were lunging, Beth was bringing the other horses in for the night. I kept hearing this one horse calling and calling and calling. It was non stop. Finally, I asked Kathy which horse was making all that racket? She said it was Ryleigh! It appeared that he was upset because he came inside and Shyloh was no where to be found! After we finished lunging, I walked Shy around the arena a few times to cool her down, then put her in the stall. Ryleigh nickered and immediately stopped calling out. They stood next to each other again the wall of each stall. They are cute.

I sat in Shy's stall and watched her do her favorite pastime. . . eat hay. I just hung out with her for a little bit. Then I walked to the other side of the barn to give CT some attention and talk to Kathy. CT is the softest horse ever! When I walked back down to Shy, I caught her playing with the Jolly ball I hung up for her! She spotted me and stopped. . . she stared at me like I caught her doing something she was not supposed to do! I was happy to see her play with it because I have never seen it unless I put sugar on it.

Robin keeps asking me to ride Ryleigh. I really do want to ride him, but it has been so long since I have been on a horse, I am just a wee bit apprehensive. And it doesn't help that by the time I am leaving the barn, Robin is just arriving! But I will get on Ryleigh. . .hopefully this weekend!

Now I have a date with Harry. . .Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two!


  1. Camryn here:
    Love the hat girl, your a fashionista for sure. Harry Potter, Mom can't wait to watch it too.

  2. Yeah... that hat rocks. We want hats, too! We want peppermints. We may have to go on strike! Doc & Pippin

  3. Camryn, Harry Potter was good! You should plop on the couch and watch it with your mom ;)

    Martine, Thanks!

    Doc and Pippin, Your mom won't give you peppermints or hats? I'll send some to you guys!


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