Saturday, November 12, 2011

weekend update

Yesterday we went to a local equestrian show. It was a good experience and I had a lot of fun, but I couldn't find anything I needed. I specifically wanted a browband. They had a few, but they were English and I need a Western one. We stopped at a western store on the way home ad I did find a stall guard. I also discovered the saddle I think I want!
New stall guard! See how much lower it is than Ryleigh's?

But, that was it for horse goodies. So on to Schneider's Saddlery I went to get a few things I was looking for. Kathy got a really nice bridle for CT, it has lots of bling on it!

Then we stopped at the barn to say hi to the ponies. I walked out to Shyloh's pasture. First I stopped in the front pasture and gave some pony love to Mocha. Then I moved on to Ryleigh and took a few pictures. Finally, I showed Shy some attention. I held out a peppermint and walked right up to her. She didn't run!! I gave her some hugs, then left.

Today, I worked at the barn. Twenty two horses and twenty stalls later, I am sore and exhausted!
My charge. . .clean the barn!

I took horses outside and the weather was beautiful, but a little windy. All 20 stalled horses were perfect. It was fun to watch Shyloh go out, since it is something I never get to see. I put her in the pasture, took off her halter, and she ran right to the back, flinging her neck the whole way! Every once in a while, I would poke my head out to watch Shy in the pasture. Ryleigh follows her around like a long lost puppy! Seriously, he will not leave her side!
Shyloh and Ryleigh got a new pasture friend, Lexi!

Next came cleaning those 20 stalls! Thank goodness Kathy helped or I would probably still be there. Then I had to make sure all the horses had water, plus make sure the two horses that live outside had water. Now it was time to bring all the horses inside. Again, they were great! Even Shy came up to the gate when it was her turn to come inside. Kathy helped me pass out the hay and a little bit later the grain. When I gave all the other horses their grain, Shy had her head sticking out of her stall, like where is mine . . .I'm waiting. . .  She does not get grain and she only gets her supplements in the morning. But, I fed her a granola/banana/apple/blueberry mix that she loves.
I love grain, why don't I get any?
Finally I swept up the aisle way and it was done. It is a lot of work! At long last,  I was able to rest and hang out with my pony. I groomed her in her stall and picked her feet. Shy was a great. She really is a good pony. . .when she is not running from me!
Nom nom nom. . .eating hay together!


  1. Working at the hard is physically hard, but it is still so much better than working a non-horsey job.

    Plus you got to go visit Shy whenever you wanted!

  2. As hard as cleaning stalls can be, I find it very relaxing. There is something calming, for me, about beginning with such a mess, and ending up with a nice clean area.

  3. Hi Allison..where do u live/board? I think we may be super close to each other! lol

  4. Megan, yes it was hard, but I did enjoy quiet time with all the horses!

    Dreaming, it really was relaxing! I could take my time and not have to worry about anything.

    Kristen, I live a little south of Detroit and I board in Monroe county. What about you?


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