Tuesday, November 22, 2011

post 100!

How fitting for my 100th post! Today, I got on Shyloh bareback!!

I had been thinking about it lately and today, I just went for it, with Kathy's help. Even though we just stood, it was a milestone for us.

Thinking that Shy probably was not out all day due to the torrential downpour, I went to let her run around the arena (my earlier thoughts of working Shy had disappeared). When I got to the barn, Kathy was getting ready to ride Casi (formerly CT, formerly Melvin). Casi was a bit nervous in the arena, maybe because of the rain pounding on the barn, maybe because he was in the arena by himself. Kathy asked me to bring Shy in the arena to see if she could help calm Casi down. It didn't work, he was just too wound up today.
Kathy and Casi

While we were doing this in the arena, Ryleigh was in his stall, just screaming this high pitched call for Shyloh, over and over! He was quite upset that he did not have his eyes on Shy. Ryleigh was bit hard by the love bug!

Shy was in a playful mood today! I put her in the cross ties and she was antsy. She is never antsy in the cross ties! She was chewing the ties and pawing the ground. So I let her loose in the arena. I got her trotting and cantering around the arena with her head in full swing. Then she stopped. I swung her lead rope, but she did not move! This was very un-Shy-like behavior! She had not a care in the world that the rope was swinging in her face. Usually, she would be on the move! She played with the cones, tossing them in the air and chewing on them. Shy also engaged in play with me! That is a new behavior, too!

That's when I stated out loud what I had been thinking. . . I wanted to get on Shy bareback! Kathy said she would hold Shy and she thought Shy would be fine. We attempted the wooden mounting block, but Shy was not having any part of that. I put the plastic mounting block up to her and got on Shy! 
Patting her for being a good girl!

She was amazing and very warm! Shy just stood there and didn't make a move. Kathy and Beth said she looked real relaxed and her ears were on me the whole time. I could tell Shy was relaxing when I was on her back because I could feel her breathing out. Next time, I will try walking while bareback on her! I loved riding Mia (the Haflinger I leased) bareback. It was so much fun!


  1. You go!!!!!! So excited for you and I can't wait until tomorrow!

  2. Totally awesome! Good job! Can't wait to see you two trotting around bareback, showing us all how it's done!

  3. Looking good. You and Shy will be out and about before you know it!

  4. Allison that's brilliant, well done but Please Please Please wear a helmet!

  5. Sand and Susan, we are working on it! I am excited about this next step in our adventure!

    Martine, I cannot believe I don't have a helmet on! I actually was not expecting her to let me mount her!


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