Thursday, November 10, 2011

the talk

After I went through this to catch Shyloh again. . . 

I decided that we needed to have a "talk." I was getting frustrated, it was cold out, it started to snow (!!!) and I may or may not have threatened to give Shy away from free or leave her outside with no dinner. Beth was able to bring her in, since she was the last horse left outside. But Shy was perfectly fine with being outside alone, running around the pasture just a-galloping and a-bucking away! I have never seen her act like that!

Anyway. . .this is how our talk went.

Listen Shyloh, I really need you to stop running from me when I come to get you. It is getting cold outside and it is getting dark early, so I can't be spending 20 minutes chasing you.

I know you want to stay outside!

Yes, I know the grass is good.

But sometimes, we need to do some work. You know, you need to get into shape. We have to lunge and long line so I can get ready to ride you.

It IS hard work, but we are in this together! 

So, do you think you can work on this?

Well, once you are inside, you are a dream! Very cute and you listen so well! You don't run from me inside. In fact, you ground tie in the arena and let me walk up to you over and over again.

You are not trapped! And you are not exactly being forced to work. You do awesome when we work!

So tomorrow when I get you from outside, will I have a problem?

. . . .?

I'll keep you posted about our progress. I am not convinced that me and Shy are on the same page quite yet. . .


  1. Oh, the video is fantastic. Yeah...I've been there - oh, how frustrating!
    Have you tried turning your back to her and starting to walk away? Sometimes with my guys they get curious and begin to follow me.

    You asked how to see earlier posts on my blog. There is a search function in the upper left, so you could try searching various topics.

  2. Dreaming, I have tried that. Grass is much more interesting/important than me! I might have to get the peppermints back out. . .I don't want to resort to grain. One I catch her, she does not put up a fight. She comes with me willingly and has no problem with me catching her in the arena. It is the strangest thing!
    Thanks for the tip on your blog!

  3. Ohhhhh naughty pony! I am so not above bribery:) If you don't want to do that, you could chase her-seriously. She wants to run away? She better RUN! Walk up to her as normal, and if she starts running away, slap your leadrope, yell, wave your arms, make her really MOVE. She will soon be happy to stand still or even come to you. And yes, when she takes a step toward you, sometimes turning your back or angling away from her can help. Just a little totally unsolicited advice:) You guys will get there no matter what!

  4. Camryn here:
    I second Sarah on that. Works for me every time. Maybe if you promise not to dye her mane???? Hee hee

  5. Why is it that when I actually want rain so it can wash out the mane, we don't get rain? It is back to bribery for us!

  6. I saw Sarah's technique work. It seems like it shouldn't work, but it does. The key is having the time to do it. Don't start it on a day when you are pressed for time! You need to keep at it until she relents and practically gets down on her little knees and begs you to let her come in!


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