Monday, November 21, 2011

monday musings by shyloh #12

What a weekend! I did no work and got to play every day! I went out with Ryleigh and Lexi. Lexi pretty much ignores us and tries to hang out with Dante and Mocha at the corners of the pastures. Ryleigh is great, but sometimes a girl just needs to be left alone for a minute! I had to buck at him a few times to let him know I mean business when I want some "me" time. But most of the time, I want to be with Ryleigh.
So happy together!!

I think I gave Allie quite the scare yesterday. . .

She brought me and Ryleigh inside after every other horse already went inside. I was slightly conflicted by this, as I am every day. I want to stay outside, but I also want dinner and I don't want to be by myself. These are difficult decisions that a horse must make daily. . .so, I went in without a problem today. But when I got in, the treat guy was there. So instead of digging into my dinner hay, I patiently waited for treats. Treat guy came into my stall and I was not too happy about that. He hasn't been here in a while and he thinks he can just come into my stall? Treats can be given from the outside. 

Allie was getting worried that I was not eating my hay. She tried listening to my belly on both sides. I was fine and I farted to let her know this. She picked out my feet. I farted again, right on her in case she did not hear the first time. She even put both my flakes of hay into the hay bag. I was just holding out for treats! I knew treat guy would not disappoint!

Well, after the treat guy left, I started to eat my hay. But the hay that was coming out of the hole I broke was not the tasty hay. I kept spitting it out, looking for the tasty hay. Allie then opened my mouth to check out my teeth and gums. She is such a bother!  I would eat the hay I spit out later; I wanted the good hay now! In no time, I figured out how to get to the good hay first! Hahaha! I can't be stopped!
Just go in through the top!

Today, my Aunt Robin came to visit! She gave me two carrots and a peppermint! She is great! 

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