Friday, November 18, 2011

me and ryleigh!

Oh, the things Shyloh lets me do to her. . .
It looks horrible, I know
Braiding is not my strong suit

There is a reason for the braids. Shy has a crazy growing mane. Up top it falls on both sides, then halfway down it falls on one side, and the rest of the way down it falls on the other side. Plus, with her mane growing out, I want to try to get it to rest "naturally" on both sides.

Really, I don't torture her for my own amusement! And, when I went to get her in the pasture, she let me walk right up to her!
They are stuck to each other like glue!

On to the best part of the night! I rode Ryleigh! I have ridden him a couple times when he was at the old barn, but after I started leasing Mia the Haflinger (maybe one day I'll share some stories about her), I only rode Mia. 

Robin lunged Ryleigh and warmed him up for me. She showed me the difference between his trot and western jog. Ryleigh is in the process of switching from dressage to western. He currently has English tack, so I had to ride in that (yuck). Actually, it wasn't bad so I can't complain.

As much as Ryleigh can give Robin a hard time in the cross ties, being bridled, and at the mounting block, he is perfect as soon as someone gets on his back. But, I stayed on the lunge line because it has been a while since I have rode a horse in general and I am still a beginner. 

So serious

Robin had me do some exercises for balance. I rode with my arms straight out. Then I rode with no stirrups. And for the grande finale, I rode with my arms out and no stirrups! I have a feeling that I will have sore thighs tomorrow.
Look ma! No hands!
Now no feet!

Robin even got me to trot on Ryleigh! I had to get used to his trot. . .remember, I am used to trotting on Haflinger legs, which are much shorter strides than Quarter horse legs! But I adjusted quickly and had a blast!

Ryleigh was amazing. He trotted, walked, and stopped when I asked. The longer I was on him, the more relaxed I became. 
Good boy!
After I got off Ryleigh, I shared a carrot between him and Shy. Then I hung out with Shy's sassy self for a little bit. 
She is like the Pippi Longstocking of horses

Thanks Robin for letting me ride Ryleigh!!


  1. You're welcome! And we need to keep doing it.....all of this will help prepare you for that day when you mount Shy. And I know you hate the dressage saddle, but I promise you - you won't regret it! You will find your balance....your that saddle 100 times better than learning in a western. I'm so excited that you rode last night....when are we gonna do it again!?

  2. I love the last picture of you on Ryleigh - your smile says it all!
    Good luck with Shy's mane. I'll keep the pictures of Shy away from the boys. She reminds me of a lady going shopping in curlers! Do you remember when ladies suffered through that stuff? Well, I guess some still do it... but not me!

  3. Looks like you had a great ride. And Shy's mane - so cute!! That's what I call a smile-makin' mane, cuz I sure smiled when I saw it! Great post!

  4. Robin, I am ready to ride whenever you want!

    Dreaming, Thanks! It was a good ride. Hahaha! I remember people in their curlers, my mom used to do that.

    Deanna, Thank you! A smile-makin' mane. . .I like that! I will have to use it next time I get laughed at for "torturing" her!


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