Saturday, November 19, 2011

day at the barn

Remember last weekend when I said I was sore and exhausted? I was mistaken. . .last weekend I had not just ridden a horse for the first time in months and worked the barn the next day. Ouch!

I started my day at the barn with this!
Good Morning!

I have formed an hypothesis regarding Shyloh's behaviors. The hand full of times that I have visited Shy in the morning, she has been very pleasant and almost cuddly. I think that when she is stalled overnight, she becomes civilized. But when she gets turned out all day, she returns to being feral, so by the time I arrive at the barn to work, she just want to be free. And she tells me this by her head tosses and sassy attitude. I may be completely wrong about my hypothesis though. . .

Interesting events of the day:
  • Shy got stuck under her stall guard. Apparently, we were taking too long to turn her out and she attempted to take matters into her own hooves.
  • I brought Cooper to the barn with me.

  • His instincts kicked in and he tried to "herd" the largest herd of horses in the pasture. The horses were not having any part of that and they turned on him! He got a slight kick by one of them, but he is fine. I think he will sleep for days after his day at the barn.
  • I caught Ryleigh napping!
I dream of the day Shy will lay down when I am around!
  • While taking two horses in, I almost fell in the mud between the horses! I am so sick of mud!
  • Kathy gave Shy her first taste of dried peas. She loved them!
  • Shy and Ryleigh continued their stall flirting.
Give me kisses!
  • While taking Shyloh and Ryleigh in, my boot got stuck in the mud and my foot almost came out! Shy was such a good girl and stopped and waited for me to get myself back together. Ryleigh was a good boy, too.
  • Shy broke her hay bag. . .it didn't even last a week
Pouting. . .not really. . .
Tomorrow it is back to the barn to work again!


  1. Oh no! I hate when they break things so fast. Try out the Busy Horse, it's super durable and when hung properly, I think it would last her at LEAST a year.
    I love cuddling up to a napping Pony :) I hope you do get to catch her napping one day so you can cuddle up.

  2. Pippin kept bending a "D" ring on his hay net. Each day I'd hunt for the bent piece of metal, retrieve it and replace it with some pliers.
    I love all of your barn pictures - especially Ryleigh. I don't catch my guys napping very often.

  3. Kristin, I just ordered the Busy Horse!

    Dreaming, Thanks! The finny thing about Shy and Ryleigh is that they are the only two stalls that open like that. I think it is because Shyloh has the end stall next to the arena. Lucky horses!


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