Sunday, August 26, 2012

because you can't get enough

. . .of the super exciting round pen videos. Right?

Here is the video from today. We spent a short time in the round pen. Shyloh did not seem up to it today. Definitely not the canter-y and buck-y Shy from last time!
How does she look? I have my suspicions, but I am not sure if I am being extra paranoid or what. . .Chiropractor comes tomorrow. . .it seems like forever away.
Wind in the mane!
Also, I need a clone. It is so difficult to take pictures and video while I am trying to work this horse! I need my own personal recorder. Ha!
I wanna stay here and eat grass! I promise I was not pulling hard at all!


  1. She looks to be holding her quarters to the outside whichever way she's going. I'm not seeing the same short step there as I saw before, but she seems not-quite-right in her pelvis.
    Good luck with the chiro.

    1. That's it. My barn owner agrees, too, stiff in the hip. Ugh! This is never ending.

  2. Definitely compensating for something. Have you considered doing daily stretches with her? Look up horse yoga on Youtube or ask your chiro to give you some homework. It can make a big difference.


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