Tuesday, August 14, 2012

show to-do list or round penning instead

Here is my list of things that I would like to accomplish this week before I take Shyloh to this show:

  • bathe and clip, whiten that dirty mane and tail
  • practice the mane roll
  • practice our line driving (eek! harness has not been hooked up in forever)
  • practice our golf club turns for halter and showmanship classes
  • clean tack
  • pack for show
Today is Tuesday. . .how many of these things have I done? A big, fat zero!
Super curious girl!
Instead, I pulled Shy out of her pasture today and tacked her up for some round pen work. When we were walking down the aisle, I stopped to chat with Kathy and Terry. Shy was so curious today! She was sniffing a muck rake that was hanging and it fell on her. Shy backed up, but I still had a loose lead in my hand. She did have wide eyes and flared nostrils, but she was not trying to get away. I think that is a good thing.
New halter!
Shy was amazing in the round pen! She was really focused on me and following my non-verbal cues like a champ. And then she got some spunk in her.

It had rained recently and while the grass was not wet and the round pen was not muddy, the ground was a little softer near the entrance. Shy stumbled a few times in that spot and I guess she got tired of it. After I got Shy in a nice working trot, I decided to test my luck and ask for a canter. I generally do not ask for the canter in the round pen for a few reasons. One, I want to get Shy's walk to trot transition to be very smooth; two, I am not ready for her to canter with me on her; and three, asking for the canter in the round pen usually means me chasing her until she gives me a few steps of canter then breaks back into a trot.

Today, for some unknown reason, Shy decided she wanted to canter. And canter she did! It was beautiful and I just stood in the center of the round pen watching. She must have been feeling really good because she let out a few mini bucks, but only in the spot where she kept tripping.
She looked so pretty! Of course, I did not have my video camera on me!
Round and round Shy went at her canter. I started wondering if she was being wild, so I decided to ask for a walk. I gave a non-verbal cue and Shy walked. Just like that! Wow, good mare! I turned her around and had her canter the other way. Shy decided to canter that way too, without much prompt from me. I stopped her and she was breathing hard. It takes a lot for Shy to breathe hard!

I wanted to walk her around the round pen to cool her down. But this horse knew our walk to trot to walk transition drill. She would walk about five steps, trot about five, then walk again. Repeat. I must be way too predictable for her. . .

By the time we got done, Shy was actually sweaty! I put her back in the pasture with Robbie, even if it was only for a little bit before it was time to come inside. She really deserved it!

I really need to get to work on my show to do list!!


  1. To Do lists are just there to make us feel guilty!

    1. Right! Good thing is I can cross some things off since I found out I won't be showing draft! No more mane rolls :)

  2. Replies
    1. It is the draft horse halter and showmanship pattern. Basically it is walk halfway down, trot the other half and do a turn and repeat. The pattern looks like a gold club when it is drawn out.


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