Saturday, August 18, 2012

getting ready

How To Prepare A Pony For A Show

1. Brush incredibly dusty pony. 
Dirty pony
2. Pick poo from rock hard hooves.
3. Clip whiskers and bridle path. This should be an easy task but for some unknown reason the ho-hum of the clippers make this pony want to eat them. 
Smooth as a baby's bottom
4. Attempt to clip ears. This pony is completely anti-ear clipping. Give it the old college try, then give up.
5. Even out hair near the coronet band so it is not shaggy.
6. Use Utlra Blue on all parts that should be white. On this particular pony it is the legs at the pasterns, one little sock, and a blaze.
7. Whiten mane and tail. Make sure to get all parts, since the thickness usually prevents this.

8. Wait a bit (but not too long, purple ponies are frowned upon) then rinse.
9. Shampoo the rest of the pony. Attempt to wash the face while evading killer looks from the pony. 
Notice the pony's protest of the bath. . .stepping on the hose
10. Condition the mane and tail. Rinse.
11. Use sweat scraper to remove excess water.
12. Take pony in the sun to dry off. This is two-fold. By not turning pony out, we ensure she does not roll in dirt and erase all your hard efforts and pony gets to graze.
Pony's favorite part
13. Brush mane and tail, spray Healthy Hair Care Moisturizer liberally.   
Shiny pony!
14. Use coconut oil on hooves to shine and add moisture. 
15. Enjoy clean pony and hope she stays that way for the show!


  1. Well, I have a pretty pony for no reason. After discussing with a few horsey friends, I decided it play it extra safe regarding her off-ness and not take Shy to the show. Better safe than sorry.

  2. All that suffering for nothing! Mom went to the Central Ohio Haflinger show today. I didn't, so none of that primping stuff for me. I stayed home and ate.
    You do look beautiful after your spay though Shy.

    1. Right!!
      I want to read about that show! I'm jealous! :)
      I am missing my Camryn updates, too

  3. I'm imagining all these guys in suits, standing in a line looking at a purple pony, and frowning.

    Sorry you missed your show!

  4. I'm sorry she is off.... but she is beautiful!
    Pippin and Doc managed to get their blazes dirty - near their noses - go figure!
    I always had to wash there because they looked yellow! Then they would try to eat the sponge as I rinsed them!
    Pippin wouldn't let clippers anywhere near him - and he wasn't exactly thrilled by scissors. When I saw Pippin, all clipped and beautified at the sale, I was afraid to ask the trainer what methods he had used to get Pippin to stand for the clipping! I didn't think I wanted to know!!

  5. You did the right thing not to bring her - how is she now? Any better?

    1. Just talked to Beth, my barn owner/trainer. She is thinking possible stifle injury. . .gets worse with collection and making her use her rear end. She has another horse dealing with a very similar thing.

    2. Bummer. Hope she recovers quickly, but it sounds like a vet visit.
      Welcome to the "my horse is injured" phase of horse ownership.

    3. Ugh. I know. I am still hoping that it is just sore muscle from using muscle she doesn't like to use. But I'll get the vet out and the chiro comes Monday.

  6. Aww that's too bad that you didn't get to go. She looks gorgeous anyway!


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