Tuesday, August 7, 2012

i'm lazy

Really. I really think that is the real issue with me lately. I am just plan lazy. Even though Shyloh's hips and withers were sore, I could have been working her in the round pen or on the lunge line. But I was being lazy. I can come up with a million reasons why: tired from work, tired form working at the barn, tired from thinking of all the housework I have piling up. . .but it just comes down to the fact that I am lazy.
Much easier to do this with Shy than actual work. . .
Today, I pulled myself out of my lazy funk and worked Shy for about 20 minutes in the round pen. Yay us! I am really hoping that next week we can get a consistent ride schedule between Beth and myself. I am hoping Beth can work Shy to put time and miles on her to boost Shy's confidence. And I asked Beth for lunge line lessons so I can work on my position and balance on Shy. And finally get that trot down. 

I warmed Shy up with some walk/trots in both directions, with just her halter on. Then I put on the surcingle, bridle, and side reins and did some more walk/trot work. I worked a lot on transitions. Going left, she was able to transition smoothly into the trot, but going right, Shy often gave her little hop up into the trot. Ugh. But then considering we have not really worked on it, Shy is out of shape. But she did do exceptionally well at reading my body language, so that was a plus.
Eat Shy's dust!
After our little session, I loaded up all the tack on Shy and she became my pack horse back into the barn.
Carrying all the tack!
Tacking her up, I noticed that Shy, yet again, scraped her head. What does this horse do? I swear she gets more surface scrapes than any horse I know!
I promise it is there! Just really hard to see. It is right on the edge of her blaze.
We are on the second clutch of barn swallows. This little guy was not able to fly back up. He was so cute! So me and Kathy put him in a tree by the barn. 

The goal is to work Shy in the round pen Thursday and possibly ride. Possibly. . .


  1. It's not hard to get a little lazy when it's hot... cute horse!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and following. :D

  2. I'm in a lazy funk at the moment, too. I haven't ridden Mr Flurry since our dressage outing ten days ago. My excuse is all the time I'm putting into treating Aero's foot plus all the stuff I'm trying to get done in the house, but I'm kidding myself, I'm just being lazy. Olympics are a BIG distraction!

    1. Treating Aero's foot has got to be exhausting! You have a ton going on getting ready for the big move, too.
      Yes, and the Olympics are a huge distraction!

  3. You're not the only one! I'm excessively lazy too...

  4. Mom mucy prefers the term "unmotivated". Ecspecially sincer her's been very "unmotivated". Personaly I don't care which word, I like it when her's feeling this way. Less for me to do :)

  5. Um yeah I'm the queen of "unmotivated" LOL! I haven't done any training with the horses or the dogs in so long lol. I get in kind of a funk in the winter though. I need sunshine to function hehe.


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