Monday, August 6, 2012

monday musings by shyloh #49

Things that I enjoy besides eating: the chiropractor! Once he gets to crack-a-lacking, I am all like mmmmmmmmm. . . .

We are going to say that the whole tire incident got my withers and back all out of whack. I mean, I was running around with that thing attached to one side!

So after Beth noticed I was off at my trot, Allie skipped her swimnastics class one day and had me see both the vet (yuck!) and the chiropractor (yay!).

Dr. Romine took a look at me first. I had no problem trotting away from him, but to trot back. . .no way. I refused. He kept trying to get near me, but I kept moving away. Eventually, I let him touch me, but I was not happy about it. He told Allie that I was sore in three spots: right at the withers (left side), the hips (right side), and some swelling in her left front fetlock. He also said that I had short splint bones, but that it should not affect me in any way, it is just a part of my awesome anatomy. 

Off to see Dr. Dave I went! Which was just across the arena, so it was not too far. He checked me out and said the exact same thing as Dr. Romine, which was cool since neither two legger were near each other when they told Allie. But Dr. Dave said my left front knee was slightly out of place. Then he did some adjusting and I got to trot. At first I was like whoa!, what are you doing. Then I was like whoa. . .yeah, I like you. Then he adjusted me again and talked to Dr. Romine. And I had to trot some more. They said I looked better already!
Dr. Dave is so tall, he make me look so small!
Dr. Dave came out again another day. I had to trot around the arena and he said I was showing significant improvement. Yay! I rule! He did some more adjusting and his wife (also a chiropractor) took photos. They might use me in a promotional poster! Clearly because I am so beautiful and such a well behaved patient. 
Feeling my back
Not sure, but I liked it!
Adjusting my hip
I got the all clear for five to ten minute rides. Boo.

My most recent visit caught me in a bad mood. I didn't want Dr. Dave to touch me and I kept moving away. But he did say I was much better and looking good! Next appointment is three weeks out. I guess I am healing. 



  1. Oh my, that last picture speaks 1000 words!
    I'm glad you are doing better!

  2. I'm sending a telepathic note to Mom on this one. She noticed yesterday that I didn't wanna trot. She checked me over and did find a wee stick stuck under my foot. But, her'll be watching me so maybe I'll get a Chiro like yours? That'd be AWWW-some

    1. I do love the chiro. Allie does not love the chunk it takes out of her pocketbook, though! ha!

  3. Yay for the chiro!! I'm glad you found such a good one. I hope I can find one soon too.


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