Friday, August 31, 2012

hobby horse blog hop #26

Here are the rules:
Answer one or all of the prompts. Link back to Living a Dream's post. Visit other blogs. And don't forget to ask a question of everyone else!

1. The big, black beasties have gone back to their home now. I miss having them in the paddock. I've never had a black horse before, and I was in awe of how they glistened in the sun. If you could get another horse, or house pet, what color/breed might you be attracted to?
I would get another Haflinger, no questions asked! I do like Paints and the big drafts, too. As for dogs, I have always wanted a Husky or a Bloodhound or a Border Collie, or. . .or. . .or. . .  

2. Ugh, I really should stop working on this post and get out and water the trees and our gardens. It certainly isn't a difficult chore, it is just time consuming. What chore(s) do you find distasteful for whatever reasons?
Does all chores count? I am definitely not very domestic, but I do clean because I have to. I absolutely hate dishes and cleaning the bathroom. I don't mind laundry or vacuuming. I also don't mind cutting the grass.

3. Shorter days, cooler nights.... fall is certainly on its way. What are your plans or goals for fall?
My biggest goal is to get Shyloh's rear end in shape! I have started in hand walk/trots over poles. I plan to start riding her over poles soon. I really, really want to have her in shape and confident, as well as myself by next summer so we can go out and do some trail riding! Personally, my goal is to lose weight and get in better shape. I will be doing my yoga DVD and taking a deep water swim aerobics class. I should really be taking the dogs on daily walks, too. . .oops.

My question:  What elements are in your perfect trail ride?


  1. Help, blurble, gargle, I'm drowning! That's what would happen if I tried a deep water aerobics class! I can swim, but I always feel like I'm going to drown if I begin to get out of breath - and believe me, that doesn't take long! I took our dogs for a walk yesterday. Does that count? I would love to discipline myself to do it every day - but other stuff gets in the way. Oh, a bloodhound would be soooo cute!
    Would backing help build butt muscles for Shyloh? I remember my Chiro recommending that for Doc - she said slow steps backwards would be beneficial for his issues, which seemed to come from the hip/lumbar area near the top of his rump.

  2. Oops, forgot the perfect trail ride.
    Sadly, my perfect elements you would have absolutely no control of, but I love trail rides when the temperature is just right and the bugs are hardly a problem!
    For things I could control, I like trails that have some things you would have to step or hop over, or on top of, or down. So, a little drop, maybe into a small creek, or a hop over a log. I used to like trails that had a good area for a canter or gallop - that's not so important now.
    Now, if I can really be picky, I want good footing. Nice sandy loam underfoot - few rocks. Oh, and some huge trees around to provide shade, but not in the way so that you'd be in jeopardy of being scraped off.

  3. Backing is definitely good for building up the topline and haunches, but they have to have their head down and relaxed, not up in the air like a lot of horses like to do hehe.

    My perfect trail ride!! It would include excellent company (husband, dad, best friend, sister) on challenging terrain. I grew up riding on the roads because that was the only place I had to ride, so I would love to be able to go through creeks, up and down hills, through the trees (with no prickly undergrowth lol), for long gallops, etc. I would love lots of fun things to do. :) And of course it would be perfect weather with blue skies and sunshine. No rain, no bugs, no rocks, no wind, etc. Great question! I had fun thinking about it.


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