Saturday, August 4, 2012

what's wrong?

What is wrong with me? It appears that I have been riding animals and other objects since I was a wee tot. . .(cue flashback to the 80s music)

Stationary bikes. . .I am peddling from the cacti behind me!
Scooters and banana seat bikes. I even had a shirt with my name on it so people could see who I was as I cruised by. . .
My parents even used the utmost care when letting me ride this pony. . .ha! 
Maybe if Shy had two lovely lady humps. . .
I can ride the crap out of this killer whale!
If I could ride a pony and a scooter when I was like four, what is my problem with Shyloh 26 years later? 

I did ride on Tuesday for the allotted five to ten minutes (closer to seven-ish) and Shy was good. A little heavy on the left rein, but looking back, I did not use my legs as I should have. I admit, I was a bit timid with using my legs because I know how Shy can be and I know she had not been ridden in over a month(!!!). But we did some laps around the arena each way and then did a serpentine each way. I just had to get on her!

My self-critique. . .do I think I am a hunchback? Ugh! Shoulders up!! Boobs out!! What is wrong with me?

I could not make it back out until Friday, but as soon as I got to the barn, I tacked Shy up. I hopped on and sat there, slowing my heart. Shy stood like a champ. Then off we went. I wanted to focus on getting Shy into her nice bouncy walk, use my legs more, matching her rhythm, and get my boobs sticking out and not down.

Of course, since I had a plan and an agenda, Shy was not cooperative. As we were getting into a nice walk and I was thinking bouncy walk, swing with Shy, use my legs. . .she must have interpreted that into Let's go fast!!! And I was like Nooooooooo! After four or five speedy steps at some unknown fast gait, aka the scoot), Shy stopped but my heart kept racing.

Now again, I am not sure why the scoot freaks me out like it does. I never once felt like I was going to fall. I have sat every scoot she gave me with a saddle on. I know she is just testing me. 

But I made her walk over some ground poles before I hopped my hunch-backy self off.

And then I was disappointed in myself. So I hopped back on. Um. . .killer whales and camels, right? But I still was not completely trusting Shy, so I weaved her back and forth between the ground poles. It is amazing how she responds to my inside leg to bend around the poles than my rein. Duh. . .
So, in some respect, I did get to practice using leg. . .for about 2.3 minutes.  Next time, it will be longer. I promise. We will get this!


  1. No Worries, You Got This! That was my slogan when my trainer went on and on and on at a horse show once last year. You may barrow it, I even got a shirt that says it.

  2. Love the cute photos, Allie!
    It's so strange how, for many of us, courage/guts/nerve/call it what you like disappears as we get older. We still have the horse passion, but sometimes it's a battle to get on board, and once we're there, sometimes it's a battle to stay on board - a battle in our heads, I mean!
    Sometimes if I'm having a "wobbly" day, I ride, sometimes I don't. The times I do ride, it's usually worth it.
    Does knowing you're not alone help?

  3. Don't be so hard on yourself! The important part is that you did it - doesn't matter for how long, or how pretty it was. That'll come. It seems like the hardest part in riding for me is overcoming my tendency to overthink. Small victories are sometimes the BEST ones! :D

  4. Shy is so cute!

    And don't worry...I'm still learning. Scary moments happen all the time, then looking back, they really weren't that scary at all. I used to ride when I was young, but for various reasons didn't for about 10 years. Now that I'm 21 and have my own horse, it's soooo much different. Scary sometimes, but totally worth it when I learn something new or help Orion to understand something or get past a fear that he couldn't before.


    1. Isn't that the crazy part? All the times Shy has scooted on me and I handled it so well, yet it still freaks me out to think about it.
      It is worth it to see their progress!!

  5. Yeah I've been riding since I was five with only a two year break of not riding and I get like that. It's just from being older and realizing our mortality lol. Nothing wrong with healthy fear and I think yours is healthy since you are getting on and riding. It will get better and better!


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