Friday, August 17, 2012

check and check

To recap my check list:

  • bathe and clip, whiten that dirty mane and tail (not yet)
  • practice the mane roll (nope)
  • practice our line driving (eek! harness has not been hooked up in forever) (check!)
  • practice our golf club turns for halter and showmanship classes (uh. . .no)
  • clean tack (kinda sorta, brushed off dust)
  • pack for show (check!)
So, two-three-ish out of six is. . .pretty bad. The good news is that chances are I will be showing in the Pleasure Horse/Pony class instead of the Draft Class because Shy has a light harness. So Shyloh does not need a mane roll. Also, I have no idea what Pleasure class does and what halter class pattern is (there is no showmanship). I hate uncertainty!
That sky is pretty!
Before I put Shy's harness on, I worked with her in the round pen. She had been doing so well lately. Today (of course today was the day I brought my video camera), Shy was decent. And off. Just slightly, but off. Why??

Can you see it?

After a short time in the round pen, I put Shy back in her pasture for a while. When it was time to bring all the horses in (I was feeding and bringing horses in tonight) I got Shy ready in her harness. Poor mare, I think I ruined her!

Does this look like a worried Shy or what?
She had worried eyes and eye wrinkles :(
Shy is still very unsure of herself with the blinders on, but she was decent again. After our initial fighting for her to stop and stand without swinging sideways, Shy was responsive to me, but a little tough on the right rein. I took her outside to practice and we came upon a horse eating moldy bale of straw. Shy was so unsure of it, but eventually we got up to it. Then Shy decided that she could eat it (gross) and was not scared anymore. I had to rip the pieces of nasty moldy straw out of her mouth. I do not need a sick horse!
Tomorrow I will check off bathing and clipping, practicing more line driving, and practice for halter. . .I hope!


  1. Haha. Mitch is all 'Whateveah' about blinkers.

    Shy'll get there.

  2. Oh my, that last picture is hysterical. Love her face. Sorry she's still off, hopefully it's just an abscess.

  3. I can't see the video. :( Oh well, by now hopefully she's fine. Silly Shy eating a moldy hay bale!! Haflingers are definitely ruled by their tummies.


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