Tuesday, March 25, 2014

new animals that are not horses

With nicer weather comes. . .mud! But the mud will go away and we can still have fun even with the mud. But wait. . .after the mud comes more freezing. What the. . .?

The other weekend, Terry's friend, Michele, came out to the barn. She got her first "lesson" in driving as we had Terry hook Meatball up (she is still trying to learn all about the harness) and drive him around the driveway. Then Michele took him for a spin. As spicy as Meatball can be in the pasture, he is such a good driving pony.

Later that day, Kyle and Terry rode their big black horses bareback around the driveway and did some jousting. I got a chance to jump on Clutch bareback, but he is soooo much bigger than Shyloh and his movements are just so much more, I didn't stay on long at all. And he has no mane to hold on to!
Slowest jousting ever. . .although Terry almost fell of from laughing so hard!
Shy has been sassy as can be lately! She sure is feeling the spring, even though it is still cold. We had a lesson planned for last weekend, but cancelled because of the cold. Wimps, I know, but after experiencing some weather above freezing no one wants to brave the below freezing weather!
Remember when I just said my horse doesn't like to get dirty? Then I show up to this? Which really isn't that dirt compared to the others.
In other news, I got some new pets.
That is NOT a sailor hat on her head.
Meet Whitney Houston the Barred Plymouth Rock. She will be living at the barn with all the other chicks. (All of the chickens have famous people names, like Paula Dean, Roy Orbison, Mary Poppins. . .)If she is a hen, I will get brown eggs from her. I hope she is a hen!

I also got Otto von Bubbles and his sidekick Blitzkrieg the snail. I was moved into my own office at work and it is so lonely, so I got some company. Plus, the kids who come see me should enjoy them. 

And. . .vote for us in She Moved To Texas' March Madness Semi Finals! We cleared the first round. 


  1. I'm getting chickens too! Stay tooned, they should be here in about two weeks :)

  2. You have my vote. I hope your not staying long on Clutch was planned and not a surprise dismount.

    1. Oh no, Clutch is too good for that! I got off on my own :)

  3. Baby chicks are adorable! And great idea for an roomy. :)

  4. I love the names! Whitney Houston and Otto von Bubbles!

  5. You have my vote! :) LOVE the chicken names! We used to name ours by theme too!

  6. I love your menagerie. Shyloh looks so much like the Haflinger at our barn, McTavish (our barn owner is Scottish). He was a Mennonite cart horse before he came to our barn and riding him is definitely a challenge!

  7. Loving the new arrivals :-)! Also loving the lightning bolt on Shy's butt ;-)


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