Friday, July 15, 2011

glitch in the plans. . .

The horse with no name is not coming home today.  Sad face. . .There was some kind of mess up with her Coggins test, so the lady I bought her from will be bringing her here next week. This lady also tried to screw me by making me pay for wolf tooth extraction. That was not part of our deal. Okay. . .well I was going to pay (I don't know any better!) but Robin stepped in and handled that business! Good thing for good friends; being an adult is not one of my strong suits!

Since we had people and a trailer all lined up for today, we are going to use them. They will be moving Ryleigh to the new barn! Well, I hope with all my heart they will be moving him. Ryleigh has a fear about trailers and there was a horrible experience a few weeks ago trying to get him on one. . .and it did not work. But today we have professionals and drugs! I am hoping for the best!! I will write more after we do this. . .


Ryleigh got on the trailer in 10 minutes! It was amazing! Leslie, Doc's husband, Terry, and Rob did a great job! We moved him and got him all situated at the new barn. Two other horses moved in that day, Resy and Captain Morgan. We let them adjust while everything got moved in to the new barn. It takes a lot to move horses and all the stuff they need. I am exhausted!

After most of the stuff was moved, Robin took Ryleigh in the arena and let him run. He explored the whole arena, even the corners, and was poking his head out of the arena doors. Kathy did the same thing with Captain Morgan. We also met some of the boarders at the new barn. Everyone is really nice! Now I just have to wait for the horse with no name to show up! 

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