Friday, July 29, 2011

the mystery secret!

We discovered the mystery secret that makes us able to catch Shyloh without chasing her around for an hour and without putting her in a corner!! With this mystery secret, Shy comes right up to me and lets me put the lead rope right on her halter! It is amazing! It is grain!

That's right! Just a little bit of grain in a bowl will send Shy running across the paddock. Me and Robin figured it out today, after an attempt to get Shy to come to us. We did it three times. We showed her the grain, let her have some, put on the lead rope, gave her a little more, then walked her into the barn and out the other door to graze. Then brought her back to the paddock, let her chill in there for a little bit, then did it all over again. 

Then Robin and I groomed her up and did some bonding with Shyloh. Shy really likes Robin. I think that her movements are slower than mine, which makes Shy feel more comfortable. I feel that I move too quick and my movements are jerky, which maybe puts Shy on edge and can startle her. I try to make a conscious effort to slow down, but it is hard! After grooming, I hosed Shy off with some cool, stinky, well water and we went into the arena.

Shy's first order of business was to roll. I got to see it, which was awesome! Then she ran around and tossed her head, in a Justin Bieber kinda way, and just checked stuff out again. She must be a klutzy horse, because she knocked down some wood that was blocking the back arena doors and spooked herself. That is the second time she knocked something down. Shy and Robin played a following game. I think she is starting to trust, she is at least interested in us!

Overall, tonight was very successful! I hope tomorrow will be, too. I am going to try and put a fly mask on her. And since she does not like her ears touched, I think it is going to be a struggle! Robin took a ton of pictures tonight, so I will share when she posts them! 


  1. Grain and treats for getting a horse to come to you are great. And you don't even need it everytime. Intermittent reinforcement is actually stronger than doing it every time. You are so wonderful for taking Shyloh on. From my exp horses coming out of the Amish community are very shy and mentally scarred. I am sure it isn't the case all the time but it seems to happen more often than not.

    1. She has her issues, that is for sure! Shed tries so hard to please and when she thinks she is not doing what is asked, she gets overanxious.


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