Saturday, July 30, 2011

making progress!

Today was a great day at the barn, aside from the heat and the 747 sized horse flies! But, I could be hot in my house with the broken air conditioning or hot at the barn, so I chose barn. Mike surprised me yet again by coming out to the barn! He never tells me when he is coming, he just shows up.

When we got to the barn, we couldn't see Shyloh. She did not appear to be in her paddock. I figured that she had to be somewhere. Mike said he saw her in the lean-to. So I went and got some grain and walked over to her paddock. Sure enough, she saw that red bowl and came trotting over from the lean-to. Everyone was watching. . .Mike, Robin, Rob, Kathy, and Sandy. Shy did not disappoint. She came straight to the grain, I grabbed her catch rope, and put the lead on her. Then we walked out and to the back grass for some grazing. When we came in, Shy got some loving from me, Robin, Sandy, and Kathy. She was very into it today!!

I spent some time grooming Shy and hosing her off. At one point, she bit my thumb! But that was completely my fault. It is still throbbing, though. . . Then, into the arena to roll. . .which she did. 

I played some following games with her and she followed me around and let me touch her. Improvement!! Me and Shy watched Ryleigh in his pasture run around like crazy, splashing through the water and bucking for fun. Today, my goal was to try and put the fly mask on her. I showed it to her, let her sniff it, and even put it on myself. I was shocked when she let me put it on her, especially when I had to grab and ear to put it on! She does not like her ears touched at all! But Shy was perfect! Robin even cut a hole in the top so her forelock could hang out. 

After our great day, I put Shy back in her paddock. On the way back, she kept stopping and I had to keep telling her to walk on. It seemed to me that she was saying that she didn't want to go back there, she wanted to hang out with me some more. . . Today was such a great day that I want to go back to the barn tonight! I probably won't (gotta chill with the dogs), but it makes me feel good to see improvements in my pony!

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