Thursday, July 28, 2011

farrier visit

From what I heard, the visit with the farrier went well! Kathy was able to catch Shyloh and she stood perfectly for the farrier. She is great. . .once she is caught! 

When I went out to catch her later on, she was having none of it! Shy caught on real quick, she is a smart one! Instead of messing around for an hour or so, we got the lunge line and brought her in right away. And then I did the same routine.

I am not sure how Shy feels about me. Sometimes I think she doesn't care for me, or is just apathetic towards me. But then I think about her point of view and the trust issues that she must have, so I can't blame her. I just have to keep coming back and proving her her that I am not going to hurt her. 

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