Monday, July 25, 2011

two hours. . .

That is the length of time that it took me to put a halter on Shyloh today. Actually, I didn't even halter her, Beth, the owner and manager of the barn did. I tried, Mike tried, Robin tried. Treats didn't even work. She is just so scared of people, but I think a little bit of it was a game for her. Also, the fact that she was in her paddock, a large paddock, didn't help, since she could run all over the place. She wouldn't even let me get close to her. It kinda hurts my feelers, but I have to remember that she doesn't know me and she doesn't know that I will never hurt her. That past was all she knew. 

As a surprise for me, Mike came to the barn! He brought the name sign that I made for Shy up and put it on her paddock. She is officially outside now, although in after equestrian team, when a horse on the team leaves the barn, she will get a stall. And it should be next to Ryleigh!! He also brought some peppermints for Shy!

Soon, she is getting a big giant friend in her paddock! Notch will be joining her after the farrier comes and looks at his feet. I hope they get along! Ryleigh was accidentally introduced into his herd today. He did good, but tonight, they put the mare in with the herd. Robin was really worried because she did not want the horses to fight over the mare, especially since she is the girlfriend of Dante, a horse in the herd. I will be awaiting a text from Robin in the morning to hear how the night went.

As for me, new obstacles arise every day. Next time, though, it won't take two hours to catch Shy!

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