Monday, July 18, 2011

still waiting. . .

No new horse yet. Although it is only Monday and it was Friday evening that I heard there was a delay. I am impatient. And I kinda feel like writing, if list making is considered writing. So here goes. . .

Currently I'm. . .

Listening:  to One EskimO
Very cool band that made mini episodes for each song. Check it out!
Isn't he cute?

Reading: A Dog's Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron
Actually, I just finished. Very good book written from a clever point of view. Really makes me wonder sometimes. . .

Thinking: that I really hope the horse with no name gets here, and that I can pick out a kick-ass name for her, and that everything goes well, and. . .well basically, one thought rolls into the next so this could take all week.

Wishing: for my air conditioner to be fixed! It is broken on the hottest week  ever!

Waiting: for this work day to be done

Disappointed: in my lunch. Mike came by and we went to lunch together. We spend 30 minutes waiting on one sandwich for the both of us, which we had to take to go. And to top it off, they put mayo on it when I asked for it on the side. I hate mayo!

Liking: this Gem Miner game on my phone.

Missing: kayaking and bike riding. And taking the dogs to the park. I wonder if I should schedule my days so that I go to the barn certain days and do other activities on other days. I am that dorky. . .

Confused: as to why I keep wearing these work pants when I know that the fly won't stay zipped. Very annoying.

Feeling: all jumbled up inside. I need to sort myself out! I have a lot going on from all kinds of different directions.

And still waiting: for the horse with no name to get here!

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