Saturday, July 23, 2011

it's a start!

I went to visit my dad today and on the way I stopped at the barn to say hi to the horse with no name. I also said hi to Ryleigh, Captain Morgan, and Resy.

My dad lives in an area with a lot of farmland and farm animals, so they have a lot of stores that we don't have. We stopped at the Rural King and I got some grooming supplies and a lead rope. I decided on a color or the horse with no name! It is going to be navy blue and some pink. Because she is a girl horse and people need to know that! Tractor Supply Company was next door, but they didn't have anything I wanted. Then we went to a store called Farm and Family or something. There I got a lunge line and a lunge whip. They didn't have navy blue or pink, so I got a turquoise lunge line and whip. Pretty!

I also spent a large part of the day thinking up names. I have a few, so I might try them out on her tomorrow.

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