Wednesday, July 27, 2011

one hour. . .

It only took about one hour to catch Shyloh today. . .we are making improvements! She had to be caught today because the farrier is coming tomorrow to give her a pedicure and I doubt that she will spend that amount of time trying to catch her! Kathy will be there to make sure everything goes well. I hope everything goes well. . . It took Robin, Leslie, Kathy, Sandy, and Mike to hold a lunge line and make a "fence" in the corner of the paddock, with me on the inside getting ready to put her halter on her. And it was raining! Now that her halter is on, I don't think it is ever coming off! I don't want to spend all the time that I have with Shy trying to catch her, then not be able to do anything with her!

Mike surprised me again by coming out to the barn! And although I like that he is taking an interest in Shy, I was told that he needs to learn some barn manners. And so does Shy. . .I took her out for grass and then brought her back into the barn. She was sniffing all around, and I let her because I want her to feel comfortable and safe. Well, she hit a poop rake that was hanging on a wall with her head, and it came crashing down! She spooked a little, but Leslie was riding Ryleigh in the arena and he spooked, too! Whoops! I felt really bad about that and I am glad no one got hurt! We need to be more careful. . .

It does not feel like Shy is getting any more comfortable with me. Sometimes it is almost like she wants to reach out and make a connection, but then she gets too scared and pulls away. Almost like she is not quite sure what I am up to or why I am being nice to her. I hope that she figures out (the sooner the better) that no one will hurt her anymore. 

On a silly note, Maggie says hey. . . 

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