Friday, July 22, 2011

new arrival!!

The horse with no name came home today!!! Of course it had to be a record hottest day ever, but she is here! Beth, who owns and runs the barn let her use an empty stall for tonight just because it was so hot out. None of the other horses got turned out, either. 

When she got here, she hopped out of the trailer, looked around, and was like, hmmmm. . . 

I walked her over to her paddock so she could check it out and she promptly started eating what little bit of grass that is in there. Then I took her out and walked to into the barn. I was taking her to the arena to walk around, but a huge fan was blowing on the floor. She would not go past it, so Rob turned it off and into the arena we went. We walked around, then went back to the aisle and walked in the back. She was loving the grass, but she could not have too much because she is not used to that and I don't want her to founder or colic. Next, we went into the grooming stall. It took some time because she was afraid to go in there, but we worked slow and eventually she went in, turned around, and let me put her int he cross ties. Then I groomed her. She was perfect! She even let me put fly spray on her! The only issue that she had was when I brushed her forelock, because it was tangled, but we worked through it and got it brushed.

Robin tried to give her a piece of apple, but she would not take it! I don't think she ever had treats before. I took an apple and held it under her nose. She sniffed it, picked it up real quick, and dropped it. I did it again and then she ate it! I did the same thing with carrots. 

I put her in a stall and gave her some hay. She was loving it. I think the horse next to her, Baby Bob, has a crush on her. They were sniffing each other and Bob was smiling at her. He even stopped kicking his stall while she was next to him, and he is a non stop stall kicker!

She must have thought she was a movie star the minute that she walked off the trailer, because Robin took about a million pictures of her! This horse is going to be spoiled silly! And she deserves it! I can't wait to go back out tonight. I am going to try to give her a bath, she is so dirty!

Now. . .if I could only come up with a name. . .

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