Sunday, July 31, 2011

new friend?

Another hot day! And the beating sun means giant horseflies, which I am terrified of! They were out in full force today. Shyloh was introduced to a new friend, Chick. He is going to be sharing her paddock for a week or so. I am not sure how Chick feels about Shy. . .at first he tried to kick her, but when I took her out he was clearly upset, then when I brought her back, he bit her. 

At first, Shy seemed so happy to have a companion in her paddock, she followed Chick around and sniffed him. He let her do that for a little bit, but then would kick at her and yell at her. Chick also made Shy go into heat, even though he is a gelding. Shy didn't put up much of a fight with Chick, and eventually they just grazed the little bit of grass together in the paddock, while keeping their distance. I hope feeding time goes well and Chick is not a bully. . .

Shy was a bit on edge today, which probably had a lot to do with her introduction to Chick. We did our daily routine of grazing, grooming, hosing, rolling, but not with the same success of the past two days. It does not help that the horse flies make me jumpy, which sometimes makes Shy jumpy. I really can't help it. . .I freak out from flying bugs!

Mike came up to visit again! Actually, he has been really great about this whole thing. He was telling someone later in the day about Shy's new roommate and he said that "Chick better not hurt my horse!" Then he was really concerned about all the flies and asked if there was such thing as a mesh (like the fly mask) covering for her whole body. I told them that there are fly sheets, like blankets, and Mike said that we need to get Shy one. I think Mike really likes her!

Tomorrow when I get to the barn, Shy better not be beat up! And I think I want to add something new to our daily routine, but I don't know what yet. . .


I have started reading a book called Chosen by a Horse by Susan Richards. It is pretty amazing!

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