Tuesday, July 26, 2011

very slowly. . .

I had plans to stop by the barn real quick tonight, just so Shyloh could see me and I could give her some apples and carrots. I talked to Robin and got some advice that I fully intended take.

So, when I got there, I went to the gate and stayed on the outside, not even looking at Shy. Looking or walking directly at a horse is intimidating to them. Well, Shy threw a wrench in my plans right away. She walked straight up to me at the gate, so I gave her some treats. Then I decided to walk around her paddock, not looking her and walking away from her. She decided to follow me. I walked from one end to the other with Shy following me and every once in a while stopping to eat some grass while checking out what I was doing. I put some apples and carrots in her bowl outside and she gobbled them up.

I decided that I would stand in the middle of the paddock, not looking at her, just to see what she would do. She kinda meandered toward me, approaching me from behind. I could feel her getting closer and closer. Then she licked my hand! It had no treat in it and it was not outstretched. 

I had read some stuff earlier in the day, one thing that said that the human needs to be the one that walks away, so I did. And she followed me again! I walked out of the paddock and she came to the gate. I gave her a few more treats then went to say hi to Ryleigh. He was still out in his pasture and the other horses wouldn't let him come up to the gate. I looked for Captain Morgan, but I couldn't see him because it was getting dark. Resy was inside, so I went to say hi to him. 

I feel that today was pretty successful. Shy approached me on her own. Baby steps. . .

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