Monday, September 5, 2011

monday musings by shyloh #2

Hellooo. . . helloooo. . .hellooo. . .is anybody out there?

I like Pink Floyd, they are calming. The lady was playing them once. Speaking of. . .I have not seen the lady in days! Where did she go? The last day I saw her she said something about "vacation" and "up north," but I had no idea what that meant, so I paid no attention. Guess it means, going away for a while. I hope it means that she is coming back, she always has yummy treats for me! And, I kind of missed her. . .we have been having some fun lately and I am starting to trust her, I think.

Since I had no work to do and I was not getting brushed or anything, I had extra time on my hooves. I used this opportunity to do some fun stuff. Here are some pictures of MY weekend. . . .

Party time!!
Too much to drink?
Lovin on Chick
Shhh. . .don't tell the lady about my debauchery! Sometimes a pony just needs to get out there and have some good horsey fun!! Plus, with the weather turning cooler, all of us horses have been in good spirits. 

A quick recap of the week. . . I have been a good horse! I have not been running form the lady, I have been letting her come up to me, even if I do not really want to. And guess what? Nothing bad happened to me!  So I do not have to wear my halter all the time now and it feels great. If I can just get this fly mask off, my face would be free! The lady has been coming by herself, when there are not any other people there or horses out. We get right to work, then we do something fun and I get a treat. And then one day, the lady took me to this great place full of grass and I could wander around all I wanted! I hope this continues . . .



  1. Hi there, Pippin here. I am a party animal! The next time your lady goes on vacation, give me a call. Maybe we can party together. I am a party animal!!

  2. That is wonderful news...lots of progress.

    Thanks for stopping by to visit my blog.

  3. Camryn here:
    Mmmmm, guess my invite got lost in the mail???
    Seriously though, sounds like you have a good Lady. Keep allowing her to be nice to you and you'll have her trained in no time. ;)

  4. Shyloh is new to the party scene and did not realize invitations were needed, lol! next time anyone wants to make the trip to SE Michigan, we will be ready to party it up, Haflinger style :)

  5. SHYLOH- is one COOL HORSE,she needs to keep treating her 2 legged person well, & her life will get better & better!


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