Friday, September 9, 2011

mud party!

I guess this week's theme is party time! Shyloh has been having a mud party! And with all this rain, I can't blame her. Can we please send the rain to Texas or somewhere else that needs it? 

Shy has species identity disorder. . .she must think she is a pig, rolling  in the mud like that!
I had no plans today at the barn, except beat the rain. In that respect, I was successful because it started raining on my way home. Hard. Poor Shyloh. She has to stand around in a muddy paddock. But at least she gets to be outside, all the other horses have been in for the past few days. She can go in the shelter if she wishes, but I will guess that she does not wish to do that!

Yuck, the paddock was so muddy! I told Shy that she better come to me because I did not feel like walking out there. Surprisingly, she did! Without a peppermint! She just walked right up to me! Not that it did much good, I still ended up leaving the barn covered in mud. But, I think we are over the being caught hurdle, time to work on something new. I also discovered that Shy is not afraid of puddles, she will walk right through them. Good for me when we get to the point of trail riding!

Muddy faces!
I cleaned Shy up (why? I have no idea. . .), then took to her the big pasture to graze a little. She must have been delighted to be on solid ground, because she did this. . .

Then I let took her inside to let her run around in the arena. She trotted and I even got her to break out into a canter! I did not really want to put her back in the muddy paddock quite yet. I wanted her hooves to be able to dry up. I am going to have to be on the lookout for thrush, I think. But, she had a mighty fine time in the arena. . .

Can someone please explain her Justin Bieber head toss? That is her and Chick calling back and forth to each other. When we are working, she never calls back to him. At one point, I felt she might actually jump the half wall to get out to Chick!

Pretty girl trotting
I also have some really exciting news, but I am going to wait to share! I want to see how it goes first, so next week I will let everyone in on it! It kind of has to do with getting a program together, I am not sure yet. But I am very excited to check this out!!


  1. What a pretty girl you have. Don't you just love those throaty whinnies :) My Camryn makes all the geldings in the area sound like girly girls.

  2. Texas could certainly use the rain! We are getting very dry here, too.

    Beautiful animal!

  3. Thank you, Susan! I imagine that Camryn has all the geldings just lining up for a look and a whinny at her!

    Gail, if I had the power, I would send the rain your way! Probably some snow too, once it comes.


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