Saturday, September 10, 2011

party hardy in the rain

It is becoming clearer and clearer to me that Shyloh does not mind the rain. I think she enjoys it. As I pulled into the barn today, Chick is in the shelter and Shy is just putzing around in the mud and the rain. Oh, was she covered in mud! I went to go get her and she came right up to me. But as I stepped forward, I slipped and almost landed on my back! That would have been a muddy mess! Shy seemed to think that she wanted no part of that, so off she went to her shelter. Ugh. . .I had to wade through the mud to get there, get Shy, and bring her back. And Shy likes to walk so pokey going to the barn from the paddock, especially in the rain. I tried to get her to trot and she looked at me like, please. . .

Again, I did the pointless task of grooming her and hosing off her muddy legs. There was quite a few people at the barn today, mostly helping muck stalls. And again, I really did not have a plan for Shy, just to get her hooves on dry land for a few hours. Her shelter is dry so she has that option. . .whether she chooses it or not is up to her. A lot of people at the barn think that I should put Shyloh in a stall. While they do have a valid point that it would increase her interactions with people, I am still deciding. I know that no one will want to go visit Shyloh in the winter and I am also aware that Michigan has harsh winters (I have lived here my whole life!). But, I am going to do what I think is best for Shyloh over all, I just have not decided yet. Still weighing the pros and cons of all options. . .and I think I will be more informed after Tuesday (hee hee).

Moving on to amazingness. . .Terry, her sister Alison, and Alison's daughter Lily were at the barn. Lily has been bitten by the horse bug something fierce and she is only three (I think)! She wants to ride horses all the time and she wants to ride them by herself. Terry had an idea to put Lily on Shy bareback and just let her sit. I was a little apprehensive, but Terry is a very experienced horse person and I trusted her judgement. Alison is very experienced, too, and she was okay with Lily sitting up there. Once again, I am amazed by Shyloh! She had no problem with this little girl on her back. Lily fidgeted a little, but Shy was pretty relaxed the whole time, to the point that she was hanging her head. 

So cute! Shy is totally paying attention to what Lily is doing.

Once we finally were able to pry Lily off of Shy's back, we trimmed her bridle path. Someone had done it previously, and it was growing out. Terry got the clippers, which Shy did not seem to mind, but she did not like Terry reaching over her head or being by her ears. But, we got the job done.

Then I took Shy into the arena to lunge for a bit and walk/trot poles on a lead rope. She walks over them fine, but I still have a hard time getting her to trot. I have to use a long dressage crop, which I really don't like to do. She will trot with a tap, but it seems that she is trying to trot away from me and not with me. I would prefer not to use that, but until I can find another way to get her to trot, I don't think I have a choice. . . You try getting a Halfinger to trot that does not want to! It is a difficult task!

We were successful with the trot over six poles on the lead rope a few times, though! After that, we just hung out in the arena, trying to stay dry. By the time I took Shy back outside, the rain had stopped. But that doesn't mean it is the end of the rain, unfortunately for us. And now that I have left the barn as a mud-covered mess, again, it is time to do some laundry!


  1. Hi Allison - Thank you for stopping by my blog. I look forward to reading about your adventures with your adorable Shy. She is just the sweetest looking horse ever.

    I like that you called Michigan "the mitten state" - probably a common nickname, but I never heard it before (although I think I might have thought that when I was a child). So cute!

  2. Juliette - Thanks, she really is a sweet horse! The more I work with her, the more I see that being spooky is not part of her personality, it is just a reaction from the abuse she endured. I am really looking forward to growing together with her!


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