Thursday, August 9, 2012

wet pony

It rained! It rained! It rained! I actually had to pick mud out of Shyloh's hooves today! We need the rain in a bad way.

But, then it rained. . .so no round pen and no ride. I don't ride wet horses. And here is why. . .

One time, the Haflinger Mia, that I leased was on outdoor board. I am not even sure I was leasing her at this point, just riding her, so I was really new to riding horses (not like I am an old pro now, but. . .). Anyway, it was raining outside. Mia was in her shelter and I was not about to walk across a muddy paddock to get her. So I grabbed some hay and Mia came trotting out. Mia loves to eat even more than Shy. 
Fuzzy Mia
I put Mia in the cross ties and questioned what to do next. The "trainer" at the barn said towel her off and tack her up. I questioned this. . .she was soaking wet! But the trainer said it was fine. Later I learned that it was not fine. . .I kept asking the trainer if she was sure it was okay and she kept reassuring me that Mia was fine. So I did what I was told. Then I walked sweet, old Mia to the arena and mounted. We walked one length of the arena when Mia reared up! 
Wet Mia
Let me tell you, I would have sworn on my life that this rear was vertical. But witnesses on the ground said it was only about two inches off the ground. Then Mia bucked out! Again, it felt way worse than it was. Mia was an extremely overweight 18 year old lesson horse. She really was not doing much. But for a very very new rider, it was quite the ride!
She had the softest hair!
Oddly enough, I was not terrified. Don't get me wrong, I was a little afraid, but I knew Mia would never bolt or take off, it was not her style. I stayed on that hefty mare without a problem. And I continued to get on her multiple times a week. Why can't I do that with Shy? 

I came to the conclusion that Mia did not appreciate being ridden while wet, so I dismounted. I gave her some apples and carrots and loving. I never rode Mia when she was wet again and Mia never bucked or reared on me again.  And I never will ride a wet horse again.

But, I suppose I could have lunged Shy. But I didn't. Lazy me. . .
Shy on a non rainy day


  1. I remember that day! Lol.....and I remember "the noise"! Oh my were brave. Smh.....yeah, just tack her will be fine. :/

  2. I remember that day! Lol.....and I remember "the noise"! Oh my were brave. Smh.....yeah, just tack her will be fine. :/

    1. Right! I wish I had known better! Poor Mia! And it really did feel like she reared a lot higher than 2 inches!

  3. Mia was a cutey! Love her pictures. Don't worry, Shy, no Haffie mare could be as cute as you! My guys were darn cute, too!
    I don't care to ride wet horses... but have done so in the past. Heck, when they sweat they get wet, right?! Funny that she reacted. She sure told you what she thought, eh?!

  4. It rained here today too. But, sadly not till after Mom had ridden me. Hmmmph

  5. If we didn't ride wet horses we would never ride. It's all about what you and the horses are used to, I guess.

  6. I usually brush until they are dry before I ride lol.


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