Wednesday, November 2, 2011

as far as i can go

I thought today was going to be a good day with Shyloh. I went to go get her in the pasture and of course, she was in the furthest corner all the way in the back. I called out to Shy and she looked up, then went back to looking for grass to eat. So, I walked out to get her.
Here I come!!
She actually walked toward me! That is a first. I put her halter on and led her out of the pasture. I put her in her stall so she could drink some water if she wanted. . . she was trying to drink water from the nasty puddles in the pasture, but would not drink from the water trough. Well, when I put her in the stall, she looked at me like, hey, I'm all by myself. Where are my friends? 
Don't leave me in here all by myself!
I groomed her up. Her hair color is fading away, thankfully! Then I put on her surcingle and bridle and we went out to do the long lines. It did not go as planned. . .

It was not horrible, just not that great. Shy kept stopping at the arena door and stopping by Mike, like save me! I can't really blame her, although I was frustrated. She kept pulling against her bit and when that was unsuccessful, she would back up in circles, getting tangles in the long lines. She also attempted to trot without me asking her and she was just doing pretty much not what I was asking her to do. There was probably a lot running through her mind. . .

  • She has not been worked in a week, due to being in heat. I was not about to stand behind her and get squirted on!
  • It was dinner time and she knew hay was waiting for her in her stall. 
  • Mike was there and he had been feeding her candy.
  • She is just being stubborn from lack of working.
Even so, I feel that when I am working with Shy, she should be paying attention to me. But I do not know where to go from here. I am stuck. I have gone as far as I can take me. 
Ugh. . .work! It is not the life for me!
So. . .I asked Beth for a lesson. I am excited! She will be able to help both me and Shyloh and she won't let Shyloh get away with any shenannigans. 


  1. I think it sounds like a great time for a lesson. Hopefully you will have a breakthrough and it will hive you and Shy lots to work on!

    I think her mane looks so cute!

  2. Lessons may be just the ticket right now to get back on track - hoping that goes well for you.

  3. : ) Can't wait to read about the lesson! I think you can probably take Shy a lot farther then you give yourself credit for, but definitely think lessons are wonderful ways to get a fresh perspective and some added support. I know that they do wonders for Moon and I!

  4. Oh goody! I want to hear about the lesson, too! I need to get back to some lessons myself. They really help give me focus... on something!


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