Monday, October 31, 2011

monday musings by shyloh #9

Holy hormones, Batman! All I can say is I am glad that is over til spring. When I am in heat, I just want to be left alone by everyone except for Ryleigh. . . or Mocha. . .he was looking pretty good over the fence.

Okay. . .Are you ready for it. . .

The idea was to be My Little Pony (right. . .after the little rant about me not being a pony that Allie had). Allie thought it was the best idea since baled hay. It is hard to see, but I actually have  purple and blue stars on my rump. But I heard the two leggers talking and it seems like I look more like Punky Brewster or something else straight from the 80's! I can't say that I am too happy with the results, but what can I do about it now?
Candy please!
I like Kit Kats, but only the Halloween ones, not the regular ones.
What are YOU looking at?
Next time Allie tries anything crazy like this again, I may not be so nice. Plus, she knows how much I hate spray things! I get startled by them. 
Eating some eyeballs with my grass
I am getting used to being in my stall. It is not so bad, after all. I already have the schedule down. When the other horses start to go inside, me and Ryleigh go up to the gate and wait. . .when it is our turn, we go in real nice. I know that my dinner is waiting for me! But then I am stuck inside for the rest of the night, unless Allie comes. And we have not done any work in a week. I think she was being nice, cause I was a crab from being in heat. 

I am good in my stall. Not like Bob, all he does is kick kick kick! And he can escape from his stall! He knows how to open it. . .I am going to have to learn that trick! 

There are lots of different noises in the barn, sometimes they startle me. But I am learning to adjust. Mostly I get startled when I am eating. My hay is just so delicious, I zone out while eating!   But then something startles me and I jump back to reality! 

Anyway. . .I hope this stuff comes out soon. I am tired of looking like a neon sign! Happy Halloween!!


  1. You are adorable! You make a perfect "My Little Pony"!

  2. Camryn here:
    OMGoodness, your Mom kinda got out of control didn't she. Mom's tend to do that around holiday times. Forgive me for making sure my Mom doesn't see your piktures and get ideas of her own regarding "pinking me up"!!!

  3. Thank you Dreaming!

    Camryn. . .She did get out of control! Please do not let your mom pink you up!! :)

  4. Winn -from So. Dak. says WOW !! I like your color scheme,if we lived closer, we could go out on a date !!


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