Monday, August 1, 2011


I think Shyloh is beginning to get more comfortable in her new home. More of her personality is showing and she might just be a sassy little pony. Normally she stands perfectly in the cross times in the wash stall or grooming stall. Today, she was eager to get out. . .I think that she is ready to work. I had her in the wash stall, but I went into the arena to watch Notch do some pulling. Shy positioned herself so that she could see into the arena from the stall. She was probably thinking, hey. . .I can do that! 

As I was grooming Shy, I noticed that Chick had taken a couple chunks out of her. Eek!! I told Beth and she said that Shy got Chick pretty good, too. . . a big patch of hair was missing from his leg. Horses play rough and they were probably trying to figure out their positions in their little herd. But they seem to like each other, they call for each other when they are not together. 

After Leslie finished with Robin's lesson today, she said that she would like to put Shy on a lunge line, just to see what she knows. Shy responds to the cues of a cart horse, so we will have to introduce new terms to her. She walks, trots, and stops on the lunge line. She will not canter. Leslie kept trying to get her to canter, but all she  did was trot. And she has a fast little trot! 

So, Wednesday Leslie wants to tack her up and evaluate where she is when she is ridden. I am not sure who is going to ride her. . .my riding skills are non existent!! Then Leslie is going to come up with a plan and I am starting lessons! 

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