Saturday, August 13, 2011

catching up

I did not go to see Shyloh today, and while I did miss her, I also got to do some things I rarely get to do.

Today, I took the dogs for a walk at Lake Erie Metropark with my friend Anna and her dog, Nina. We used to go almost every weekend last summer. And if we weren't walking the dogs or taking them swimming, we were kayaking or riding our bikes. I miss those bike rides and kayak trips, but the weather this summer was either way too hot or rainy.
Nina, Cooper, Maggie :)
I ate dinner with family and it was delicious! I also hung out with some family that I've been neglecting. Mike went on a tubing trip and I just got done talking to him on the phone. I am so happy that I did not go! He said the water was freezing and being cold is my least favorite activity! Before dinner, I took Felecia to see the movie The Change-Up. 
If you are not into boobs, I would not recommend this movie. Because it showed A LOT of boobs. And, it was really not that funny. I never once busted out laughing. So, I really would not recommend this movie anyway, even if you were into boobs. 

My plans for the rest of the night are to chill and relax, hang out with the dogs, and maybe get some ice cream. . . definitely get some ice cream. The real decision is Cold Stone or Dairy Queen. . . hmmm. . . .

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