Friday, August 12, 2011

giving some attitude

I think Shyloh has got a big attitude for a little pony. Now, I know some stuff she does not mind at all, but sometimes she tosses her head with a vengeance! For instance, she hates her ears being touch. So, I have been touching them to get her used to it. When I start touching them at first, she tosses her head like oh hell naw! Then she is okay with it, but still guarded. However, when I put on her fly mask, halter, or bridle, they have to go over her ears. She has no problem letting me grab her ears for that to put them in the fly mask or slip them under a halter or bridle. Attitude!

Today we worked on more desensitizing stuff. I got out some barrels. . .didn't faze her, the poles. . . not a problem, cones. . . no big deal. She was leery about these upright stands that are used to hold jumps, but we got ever that. Felecia, my cousin, came to the barn with us. She is staying with me for the weekend and got a real treat when Robin let her ride Ryleigh! I had Felecia kick the big blue ball back and forth with me. Shy did not mind. Felecia accidentally kicked it at Shy once, and it hit her in the side (not hard at all, I promise!) and Shy did not freak out. To be honest, not her most favorite thing ever, but it was not spook-worthy. 

Since Shy appears to be doing well with obstacles, I want to move them outside. I think it will be a totally different experience outside. And since my ultimate goal is trail riding, I think that will be a good move. Shy totally is not spooked when I drop brushes, other grooming stuff, or her container for apples and carrots. She also was not spooked when I crinkled a Coke can. 

I did discover the one thing (so far) that Shy cannot stand. It is the only thing that she has ever raised her leg at me for, as in a warning that if I continue doing what I am doing, she is going to kick. And, it sounds gross, but sometimes these things need to be done. Shy does not like her nipples (not sure what horse nipples are called? udders?) touched. The reason that I wanted/needed to touch them was that she has mud on and around them and I just wanted to clean it off. Shy was not down with that at all. . .I feel bad for whoever has to clean them (probably me, eventually). . . They get dirt in them and have to be cleaned out periodically, because the dirt can cause irritation or infection. 

Overall, I think we are making improvements, but now we need to add attitude adjustment to Shy's to-do list!

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