Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Not growing up around horses has a real disadvantage. . .besides the fact that I have no idea what I am doing! I think I need someone to work with me from the very beginning and on very basic stuff. I don't even want to get into riding yet. I just want the basics. Terry really helped me out yesterday, and I am overwhelmed by all the stuff that I do not know. Ugh. . .

I am trying to continue to desensitize Shyloh, but sometimes it does not work out in my favor. Yesterday, I walked Shy around the arena. I had a loose lead rope and she was following me, every turn I took, she followed and when I stopped, she stopped. I think she is starting to begin to trust me, but then I do something stupid and we take a few steps back.

Terry's sister, Alison was riding Ryleigh and then Robin got on him! I had wanted to lunge Shy then get out this big blue ball to desensitize her to it, but I did not want to get in the way of their riding. I definitely did not want to spook Ryleigh with the ball! Maybe next time I go out, I can try those things. 

I did put a pole down so me and Shy could practice walking over. When I went to get the pole, I made the mistake of dragging it across the ground, which spooked Shy. She was like WTF, mountain lion!! and backed up, wildly! She was really terrified! I know that horses are flight animals and they think that everything is out to get them, but sometimes I think to myself, Get a grip Shyloh. You've never even seen a mountain lion. There are not even any in the area!  I also know that it is a deep seated instinct and in her DNA, so I don't blame her for it. But I held on to her, even though I know I did it all wrong. Terry came to help me out and give me some instructions on the right way to do things. She calmed down and was able to walk over the pole several times both ways with me. 

So, I have a bunch of things I need to figure out. . .like what is the best way to work with Shy and who can help me. There has been a snag in my previous plans, but it will all work itself out. 

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