Tuesday, August 16, 2011

pooper scooper

I scooped poop yesterday, a lot of poop! Two wheelbarrows full, to be exact. Shyloh and Chick's lean-to had a ton of poop in it, so I decided to scoop it up. I did not want to do anything with her anyway, I wanted to let her know that every time I come out, I am not going to pull her out and make her do something.

Shy is not afraid of a big yellow wheelbarrow. She was not bothered by it at all when I wheeled it in her paddock and to the lean-to. As I started to scoop poop, I heard something, and looked back and saw Shy running. . .ok, trotting, towards me! At first I thought Yay! She is actually coming to me!, then I thought Oh, shit! She is running right at me. . .maybe she is pissed that I am in her "house"! I am still unsure of why she was running, but she just wanted to check stuff out and see what I was doing. After a minute, she lost interest and went back to eating hay remnants.

I decided to try some calming supplements for Shy, to see if they work for her. After doing some research, reading user reviews, talking to company representatives, and comparing prices, I decided to go with Magnesium and B1. I am going to see how it works and if it takes the edge off of her at all. I also did some research into dried raspberry leaves, but I think I am going to hold off on that until I see how these other supplements do.

My phone takes terrible night pictures. It looks all grainy, like an alien or the chupacabra should be creeping around in the background!

Shy's pretty view of the sky

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