Saturday, August 20, 2011

just watching

Today, I sat back and watched Shyloh in her paddock with Chick. Snooze. . . 

Not what I was expecting. I was prepared to watch them munch grass, clean up what was left of the morning hay, and do their best to keep the flies off of them, but I was hoping that after a while they would forget I was there and they would begin to do all kinds of wonderfully amusing, cute, and entertaining horsey things. Not so. . . 

looking for food. . .

continue looking for food. . .
They ate and stomped and ate and and swished tails. Then, a twist in the dreary routine! They were thirsty and went to get a drink of water! And in order to drink this water they had to walk to the back of the paddock. This extreme movement constituted a break in the monotony! Then, at one gut-wrenching suspenseful moment, we thought Chick was going to roll, but we were highly disappointed when he decided to eat hay instead. 

So, I went inside to finish watching equestrian team practice and interact with people. When I came back out, something fantastic must have gone on, because one of Shy's ears was out of her fly mask. WTF? I missed it?? It was like having to go to the bathroom in the middle of the movie and coming back having missed the best, most action filled part. I was so disappointed.

This is a face of pure disappointment!
So, we sat back down and watched Shy and Chick some more. Again, more eating, stomping, and fly repelling. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. But then came the highlight of the whole horsey show!! Shy and Chick were being cute with each other! Aww. . .BFFs!

We're cute <3

Let's snuggle :)

. . .until Mike decided to feed them handfuls of grass. This is when I learned that the "love bites" along Shy's side were probably not done out of love, but out of food mongering. They were both going for the same piece of grass that had fell to the ground and clearly Chick wanted it more than Shy, he snapped at her and tried to bite her side! I guess they are BFFs unless it comes down to a blade of grass. . .

Even though watching Shy would not win an Oscar in the action category, I did learn some things. While Shy is forging for leftover hay and grass bits, she probably sucks up a lot of dirt, which can cause colic. So I am putting her on Sand Clear to put a stop to that. Tomorrow, I plan on doing my showmanship homework that Terry gave us.

This is how I smell for food!

Where did all the food go?

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